Miss March on a Typical Summer Day

Went to Auntie’s pool today because it was incredibly hot on the Island. Swam for a few hours with the cousins and their little friends. It’s always so interesting talking to children; for example, Caro, my 5 year old cousin has crushes on older men. Much older men. As in my boyfriends, and my other family members friends. She’s so sure about it, too. We’ll say, “Car, did you like Dan?” and she’ll nod her little red-head and say, “Yep, he’s cute.” If only we could all be that sure about men.

Went to get Tasti D Lite and the sweet boy behind the counter invited J. and I to his band’s show up at a bar in town in August. We told him we’d definitely go. Is that considered a pick up? J. said no, it wasn’t. But, I say, he’s not asking all his customers to see his show. Though, we do go in every day, so, I guess at this point we passed the patron/owner boundaries.

Walked around town eating ice cream and some car of men screamed out, “Hey cuties!” We turned to look and they drove by. Raised our heads, noticed them hanging out the window, turned around and kept licking our ice cream and walking. Cat-calling annoys me. It’s one thing in a big urban city, but in my small beachy town, really? Just come up and say hi, how hard is that, really? I love the stop-and-chat. I’m a big fan of it. I love hearing about your life (just as long as it’s not on our first date for an hour and you don’t stop talking).

As we were driving away we saw a woman about my age and we stopped to tell her we liked her shoes; I looked over at J. and said, “did I just cat-call that girl?” She assured me I didn’t. I simply liked her shoes.

Texted with Coheed today. I’d forgotten what a funny and nice person he was. Five years is a long time to not talk to someone. He makes me laugh out loud. He’s just a sweet, genuine guy. He was worried about when he’d see me; he lives far away. I assured him that we’re still friends after not talking for five years (story to come) so I think we can manage seeing each other once in a while, even with both of us working, etc. I thought it was sweet. He wants to see me. I don’t think I take him seriously enough.

What a weird generation we’re living in (re: texting with a boy while he’s at work and I was swimming); my grandmother says that dating for my generation is like the shuffle on iPods. I think she’s right; it’s so fast paced and all over the place. It’s like we lose touch of what we’re looking for (what are we looking for?) and just play whatever music comes up on shuffle. We settle for George Michael when all we’re looking for is some Paul Simon, Modest Mouse, or Old 97s. We didn’t want to listen to George Michael; we may love George, we may adore Faith and Father Figure, but it wasn’t what our hearts really wanted. It just happened to come up on shuffle; life went to fast to click the little play/pause button to find what we really wanted.

However, I told J. about this theory and her response was, “Maybe you THOUGHT you wanted George Michael, but Modest Mouse comes up on shuffle and you’re like ‘oh wait, I did want Modest Mouse’.” I’m still working on the shuffle theory, any suggestions?

Two men IMed me on jdate. I declined both. One was in DC and one upstate. I’m not interested in talking to you if a) I’m not attracted to you, and b) you’re really far away. Truth be told, jdate got boring quite quickly. There’s only a certain handful of men I’d be interested in and once I exhausted those…you have to wait until a new batch of New York men sign up. Since jdate is free (at least it is for me, since I refuse to pay), I’m going to stay on and see what happens, but for the time being, snore.

J. and I ventured out. Town was pretty much dead except for young kids with braces holding Fendi bags and skater boys’ hands. We decided to call it a night and went to pick up some Greek food for home. While waiting for the food to be cooked we waited outside and two men waved and smiled and said “YO!” to us from across the street. Preppy. Mid-20’s. We waved back and smiled.

Today’s acts of comedic-romanticism:

1 nine month old boy who fell in love with J.

1 Cat-call

1 “Yo!” from preps.


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