Miss March and the Romper Room

Today Miss March and J. went into town. After lunch we walked around and decided to enter the new, exciting store in town. It’s not a sex-shop per se…it’s like a teeny bopper shop with a sex room in the back. It’s really just for bachelorette parties, but they do sell sex toys as well. The store is interesting because besides the sex room it’s a lot of gorgeous body soaps and hair supplies–it’s a nice store! They just happen to have this fun raunchy room in the back that you have to be 18 to go into. Luckily, Miss March and J. are both over 18.

They had the usual vibrators, penis necklaces, stripper shoes, but they had a few things with caught my attention and I wanted to capture them to share.

There was the “My First…” line of products. I’d like to call it the “Little Tykes of Sex Toys.” Notice the “My First Clit Ring,” “My First Butt Plug,” “My First Couples Kit,” etc. It was the name that threw me off, “My First…” It seriously sounds like it’s for a child and it sort of creeped me out. It reminded me of the “My First Makeup” or “My First Doctors” kits that we used to get as children. There’s something about the name “My First Butt Plug” which conjures up images of a child unwrapping presents on Christmas, “Look mommy, My First Couples Kit!” Something off about that.

iPod garter belt!

Then there was something I’d actually buy, a garter belt holster for an iPod nano! How cool is that? I don’t have an iPod nano, but if I did I would buy this. Along the same lines of the iPod, there was also a device you could plug into the earphone piece of the iPod and it would vibrate along to your favorite songs. Ah, the advent of technology for sex was one major advancement for sex organs everywhere.

It was quite funny to see all the penis shaped things (snack tray dishes, shot glasses, sunglasses, confetti), and all the plates and cups and party hats with pictures of naked men. I don’t think I’d like to actually eat off of those, but it must be fun to plan a cheesy bachelorette party. Speaking of which, I was invited to my step-cousin’s bridal shower today. It’s in MD so I’m not sure if I can go, but after being in bachelorette paradise today and thinking about the comparison between a bridal shower and a bachelorette party, it’s pretty funny to think of all the well-dressed, older, wealthy women eating off penis plates, no? (Can’t you just hear them now…”What is this schmeckel? Is this a pickle? Why won’t it come off the plate?!”)


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