Miss March on the Telephone

Remember how I said that I was done serving the ball and it was out of my court? Well, I’ve decided that I hate it. It’s horrible. It makes me feel like this is such a game; and we all know I hate games. I’m more of a yoga/dance person. At least in dancing you do it together. Here it’s just like a sick standoff. Who can not call whom for as long as possible. It’s not fun. I’m sticking with it however. I don’t want to give in. MusicTeach hasn’t called, and that’s fine. I suspected he wouldn’t. Somehow It’s just not his way. He doesn’t call unless he has something to say. I’m so used to Admiral Adama who called all the time to say hi. I’d like a healthy balance.

I talked to Coheed today who said I seem like the type of girl to get attached too easily. I think this is true, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten better at this and I don’t think I give off that aura now. Maybe, because he knew me when I was younger, those feelings still resonate with him, but I surely don’t give that impression now. As MusicTeach said last night, “You’re a dating machine.” I liked the time I spent with MusicTeach, and I certainly do hope he calls; I’m not really sure what I expect out of him, and this is what confuses me. I just know I like being around him (as I like being around Coheed, too) and I hope we can hang out again sometime soon.

The worst feeling in the world is waiting for the telephone to ring. It’s like a never ending silence. It reminds me of one of my favorite and most true-to-life Dorothy Parker short stories, A Telephone Call. I adore Dorothy Parker. She just gets it. I could read her poems and stories all day, every day, and still get something new from them every time.

Ps. J. and I got FREE Tasti today! Not for nothing, that has to mean today was a good day.


One response to “Miss March on the Telephone

  1. I think that getting free Tasti (or even not free Tasti) is a good way to counteract that phone issue!!

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