Miss March’s Theory Thursday

Welcome to Miss March’s Theory Thursdays. Today’s Theory is the “White Button Down Theory”:

I was thinking again about the perfect date outfit and my mind wandered to, “what do I think is the perfect date outfit for the man?” Immediately I knew it. If a man shows up for my date in a white oxford button down with the sleeves rolled up and a pair of nice jeans, it’s a pretty sure bet he’s going to get a kiss at the end of the night. There’s something about the sleeves being rolled up and the hint of arm muscle which really makes my heart tingle.

I mean, really, how cute is that? He looks fresh, clean, classic, and handsome. I’m all about the classic look. He could add a blazer to that and still look totally handsome, or even a pair of flat front khakis if we were going to a more upscale place. No wonder J. says I’m attracted to people who look like they work in an office; I sort of like the simple look: Oxford button down and jeans. That’s it. It doesn’t take much to impress me, I guess. However, on the flip side; isn’t it harder to look simply good than all dolled up with a mask on? Ponder that.

In other news, no news from MusicTeach. I expected it, don’t get me wrong. We’re not on the ship of relations so he has no obligations, but I like talking to the kid.

Also, ColoradoMan (from Match.com) emailed me to tell me he’s been busy but looking forward to talking to me. That was very sweet I thought.

And last but not least, HSBF (high school boyfriend) keeps deleting his girlfriend’s wall posts on Facebook and now it looks like he may be single. How do I let him know I’d like to finally sleep with him? Ponder that as well.

What is your favorite thing for a man to wear on a date?

Happy Thursday, everyone!


3 responses to “Miss March’s Theory Thursday

  1. my favorite outfit on a man too!! the hint on arm muscle gets me too.

  2. can’t go wrong with a tshirt and jeans, unless the venue calls for something more fancy.

  3. on a first date with a guy I love it if the colors that I wear kind of coordinate with what he is wearing..call me crazy

    late post I know, I’m trying to catch uppp!!

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