Miss March on Breakup Hair

It’s that time again. Break-up hairstyle change. Admiral Adama and I have been broken up for a little while now and I’m itching to get my hair changed. It’s what I do. I’m sure a lot of women have the same itch as I do to change their hair when they are single again. When I was in college and ended things with my quasi-boyfriend I dyed my hair pink. It was awesome. I had these pink streaks. It looked totally natural (as natural as bright pink can look) and cute boys used to call me superhero girl. The look on my grandma’s face at Thanksgiving was also priceless: “What did you do to your hair?!” I loved my pink hair. The only problem with it was that I couldn’t be anonymous anywhere; everyone knew me as the girl with the pink hair. The year before that when I was going through boy-issues I chopped all my hair off and looked really weird. I wouldn’t do that again.

But, it’s time for a change. There’s just some problems. For one, a few months back I got semi-side-bangs. For some reason, while the rest of my hair is growing at a normal length of time, my bangs are taking their sweet time coming in. So, I don’t want touch my bangs. Also, I sort of like the length. Semi-medium length. It’s long enough to put up and look sexy all wavy and down. However, part of me wants to go shorter too.

I like this look on Elisha Cuthbert!

I like this look on Elisha Cuthbert!

Im also digging this Mandy Moore look. Hate the color though.

I'm also digging this Mandy Moore look. Hate the color though.

Though my hair is dark brown, I’m sort of into these looks. I want something flirty, sexy, yet adult and mature. I love my hairstylist so let’s hope she understands my very confused request and we’ll see what happens tomorrow!

Have you ever done a breakup haircut?


4 responses to “Miss March on Breakup Hair

  1. I dyed my hair brown with reddish highlights in reaction to my breakup with J.

  2. your hair casess to stiff my penis elisha

  3. I love u Elisha

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