Miss March on Helpful Men

Today I took a mini-mini-vacation. And by vacation, I mean I tried to stop thinking about these dates for a few hours. I put on a pretty summer dress, got my haircut (it looks adorable, by the way!), and went into town. I got myself a giant iced tea, the new O magazine; went outside the bookstore, sat at a table, put my feet up, and zoned out! It sure felt good. Yes, every now and then I thought about MusicTeach, Coheed, or even Admiral Adama, but for the most part I was happy reading. It helped that this month’s Oprah Magazine was all about memoirs and I adore a good memoir. It was really pleasant. My new hair blew in the wind, I watched people walk by. I smiled at kids. My town is a small beachy sort of town and I realized today that it’s also a total “couples town.” I saw young couples, young parents (some VERY young parents) with kids, older couples, happy couples, angry couples. I didn’t see anyone walking by not holding a hand! I had a nice time, though. After that I went birthday shopping for J. and walked around a bit. It was very hot though, so I got in my car and headed over to my aunts house.

I’m glad I went because I re-told the MusicTeach story to my uncle. He was quiet for a bit and said, “That does sound weird!” But he understood. He actually reminds me a lot of MusicTeach, so it was good to get his opinion. He agreed with a lot of my theories and told me just to give it time and he’ll probably come back around. Sometimes you just need a man’s opinion!

In other news, I put out a Missed Connections on Craig’s List. There was a very sweet and good looking young man at the diner yesterday when I was there with my Grandmother. He was also there with his Grandmother. He had a nice face. I’m sure he’ll never check it (doesn’t seem like the type) but what the hell, right?

I talked to my hairdresser for a while today about relationships and she said, “If you can make a girl laugh, the battle is half over.” It reminded me of the famous Mr. Big line, “After all, in the end you just want to be with the person who makes you laugh.” It’s true. Make me laugh and you’ve won me over (almost). It means that you are able to laugh, that you get me, and that you have a good sense about you. Laughing is underrated.

What men do you go to for relationship help? Have you ever been with a man who hasn’t made you laugh?


One response to “Miss March on Helpful Men

  1. however, laughing at them is apparently not allowed. who knew?

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