Miss March on Rainy Day Men

You know those conversations with people that seem innocuous and then all of the sudden you blurt out the truth and you’re like WOW, that’s what I was thinking? I was talking to my mother a few days ago and I said to her, “I’m not even ready to meet my soul-mate now, what would I do with him? Stick him up in my room until I’m ready for him!?” BAM. Right there. I realized it. I don’t even want to meet him right now. I’m not ready for him, and odds are, he’s not ready for me. I knew this about myself, deep down; but, being the romantic I am, I wanted to meet my soul-mate and get to know him and the whole shabang as quickly as possible. But, logistically, emotionally, and mentally…I’m just not ready. It’s a good feeling when you realize this about yourself. For my whole life all I wanted was to graduate college, get married, and have kids. Then I realized, sometime in college, that I wanted more out of life; I didn’t want to get married at 22 (like my parents) and have children before I was ready. Furthermore, I wanted to make sure my search for my Mr. Right (Now?) was thorough and I wasn’t just playing a safe bet. I’m sure everyone around me realized I’m not ready for a lifetime commitment just yet, but the moment I realized it, deep down inside, was a really fulfilling moment.

Which leads me to this: I need a Rainy Day Man. What’s a Rainy Day Man, you ask? A Rainy Day Man is the guy that’s there for the slow times, the rainy days, the rebounds, those days that you feel crappy or ugly or fat; he’s basically your constant booty call that you pull out on rainy days. I learned about the concept of a Rainy Day Man from James Taylor’s song, Rainy Day Man; interestingly enough though, in his song, the Rainy Day Man never asks for anything in return (“Now rainy day man he don’t like sunshine/He don’t chase rainbows/He don’t need good times”), he’s simply there for you…and in the end, you’ll be praying for rain so you can call on that Rainy Day Man (“Look for signs to ease the pain/Ask again/Go on and pray for rain”). I guess Coheed is like the Rainy Day Man of my life, but he’s simply too far away to constitute as my everyday Rainy Day Man.

I need a Rainy Day Man.

Do you have a Rainy Day Man? Are you ready to meet your soul-mate? Were you ready when you met your soul-mate?


6 responses to “Miss March on Rainy Day Men

  1. my rainy day man is also a genuinely good friend. lucky me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. i don’t think anyone is ready to meet their soulmate. it usually “just happens when you least expect it.” Until then, a rainy day man is the best bet. Unless that man has feelings for you and does not want to assume that role. That is problematic.

  3. darn i need a rainy day man. but without all the complicated feelings, drama, etc.. as a matter of fact i could use one today:-(

  4. I wandered over to your blog after reading your comments on some of the Glamour blogs – I like the way you think :). When I met my husband 4 years ago I thought he was just going to be my “rainy day man” – fast forward 4 years later and here we are: married, living far away from our families, and with a new baby. Go figure. Things will fall in place for you when it’s time – probably when you least expect it.

  5. I think it’s time.
    I’m emotionally ready.
    I just wish my soulmate(?),presently lost in the woods,would stop to ask for directions and get here soonest ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. missmarchabouttown

    I like that! Maybe mine is lost in the woods with yours!

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