Miss March on Matching?

Today while shopping I came across a couple who were matchy matchy twins (see: picture). It just looked silly! I mean, did they not notice they were matching? Both in the blue tops and khaki bottoms. Okay, I give it to them that blue and khaki are common clothing ware, but really, together, on the same day, in the same place? I think it’s just silly. Maybe they think it’s cute, but it looked very odd. Do you ever match with your SO? I can honestly say I have never matched clothing with anyone I was dating. At least he was wearing shorts and she was wearing pants; if she had been wearing shorts (or he, pants), I would have laughed out loud.

Matchy matchy couple!

Also, what’s the proper etiquette on this situation: Was outside, eating dinner at a nice place with J. tonight and the table behind us lights up cigarettes! Granted, we’re all outside, yes, but, we were eating! Everyone around us was eating. It’s not okay to smoke in front of other people eating; there’s a reason smoking was banned in restaurants in New York City; uh, because it’s repulsive and disrespectful to smoke while people are tying to eat? Yes. We didn’t say anything, but they seemed to get my evil glances and quickly put out their ciggs; gross! What would you have done?

Also, today is Coheed’s birthday. I’m seeing him for dinner tomorrow. Casual, fun, flirty. What should I wear? And, should I get him a present? Help!


2 responses to “Miss March on Matching?

  1. What to wear-
    Simple,elegant and something you like.
    A present? Something cute,personal and non romantic?

    PS- You’ve been blog rolled.Hope you don’t mind.

  2. While I do find it nauseating on most couples, I have to admit that when David and Victoria Beckham do it, they sort of pull the look off.

    Of course, Victoria being a fashionista must help!



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