Miss March Weekend Wrap-up

I spent most of Saturday with my extended family, hanging by the pool, eating way too many chips (ugh), and of course talking about the single people’s love lives. My Aunt’s friend, K was there; K is a beautiful, witty, full of life lawyer in her early 40’s. I’ve grown up with K around; she’s like the crazy, wacky, and more risque aunt that I don’t have. She was telling me about an old fling that she had run into recently and the chemistry was still there; “God,” she said to me, her hand on my knee, leaned in close, “I hope he calls!” Please, I told her, I know the feeling, that was my last two weeks with MusicTeach (who, by the way, she agreed with you, my readers on, and told me it wasn’t worth it). It was a constant nerve-wreck waiting for MusicTeach to call or text or IM. None of which he did, really. So, I felt the nerves in K and knew that look in her eyes which seemed to say, “I know I’m better than all of this, but I really hope he’s smarter than I think he is and calls.” I left for my date with Coheed (see: below) and when I came back she ran up to me, “HE CALLED!!!” she whispered loudly. He did? I asked and she nodded her head like she was proud. Good, I told her, he SHOULD call. What did he say, I asked. “Well, he called and I missed it, which is for the better probably, right? He left a message! I had a missed call and it was HIM! He’s at a baseball game, but it’s over now.” I asked if she responded and she said she sent him a text about the baseball team, but that she would call him the next day. Her eyes were so happy; it made me happy, not just for her, but for women waiting for the phone everywhere. He called, he called, he called. That stupid, trivial act of dialing one’s numbers and leaving a voicemail changed her whole day around; how sick is that? Why is it that in this day and age women are still waiting by their phones (or, sticking their phone in their bikini top, back pocket, in hand at all times)? It was so interesting for me to watch this all occur. With MusicTeach, I thought perhaps I got so wrapped up in him calling because a) I liked him, but b) he was the first guy I felt that way about since Admiral Adama; but, now I see, it’s not just me (I knew this, deep down). Waiting for the phone does not discriminate; all ages, races, classes, have to wait for the telephone to ring. Here was an amazing forty year old woman giddy because a guy called her; do we ever grow out of this? I guess not.

Coheed came to town. We went to another diner and I bought him dinner this time because it was his birthday. We walked around town a bit; he bought me a vanilla shake. The thing with Coheed is that I adore him and I always have. It’s simple: he makes me laugh. He also drives me crazy, however. He knows exactly how to make me defensive and angry; yet, while I’m in the midst of a “But, but, but…” argument, I look over at him, blue eyes looking at me, and he’s laughing quietly. He’s a piece of work, that one. We sat in his car, windows down, Radiohead on, for a long time and talked. He asked me if I met the man of my dreams tomorrow, would I settle down? I told him no. I’m not ready to settle down, and I know that. We talked about the distance factor with us. He kissed me. I’d forgotten what it was like to kiss him since the last time I was 17. It was lovely. He’s lovely. Perhaps that’s the wrong word to describe him. He’s a multi-faceted person. Sometimes he’s quiet and listens to my over the top rants and raves with a small smile on his face; sometimes, he opens his eyes wide and says, “WHAT?” and laughs and can’t believe what he’s heard from me. Once in a while, when the moment strikes, he talks a lot. But, he’s always calm. There’s a certain cadence to him, perhaps that’s what it is. There’s a predictable, safe, cadence that I count on with him. The best way to describe Coheed is by what he said to me during dinner; I was trying to figure out how much a month he paid for something, trying to multiply in my head, and I guess I looked stressed (Miss March is no math student) and he smiled and gave me the answer. I retaliated with my usual, “Hey, I could have done that!” And he said, “But, that’s what I can give you. I can help you with math. I may not open all doors, but I am a gentleman, and my chivalrous act is to help you at math.” It was the sweetest thing I think I’ve ever heard. So, I won’t see him for a while now; I guess that’s okay. He’s there, I’m here. We’ll see.

In other news, it’s been longer than three days since MusicTeach and I last talked. He called me about five days ago and the conversation was awkward, odd, and confusing. Nothing much happened except I got upset when I hung up. The next day we talked online and I wished him luck on a job interview. That was that. No matter which way you spin the situation it looks like he used me for action; I would love to know what was going through his head. Oh well, he came into my life for a reason, and the reason was that I fell for him and I realized I could have those incredibly romantic feelings again after breaking up with Admiral Adama. So, in that sense, thank you to MusicTeach. In every other sense, I never want to think about him again.

How was your weekend? Any dates? Any potential dates? Do tell!


2 responses to “Miss March Weekend Wrap-up

  1. mmm.. 🙂
    Your writing is like pasta.
    Layered,no nonsense,comforting.
    And always terrific!

    Your aunt sounds adorable.
    And Coheed,well,I shouldn’t say it.But he sounds perfect and I hope you can take that somewhere 🙂
    Good luck.

  2. missmarchabouttown

    Thank you so much 🙂 I like your writing too!
    I like Coheed too…we’ll have to see where that journey goes.

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