Miss March’s New List

Talking to A this morning and I was telling her about all the different men I’m talking to from Match.com and Jdate. It’s sort of funny, I often forget who is who. I need to make a list:

Turtle: 23, 5’8; met on Match.com; works for an ad agency. Cute. Brown hair, brown eyes. Great smile. IMs me just to say goodnight. Point for him.

SilverSpoon: 23, 6’2; met on Match.com; works for a music producer. Brown hair. Need to see more pictures. Played scrabulous online for a while (he kicked my butt! I’m not used to that…he used big words!). Traded phone numbers. He texted me before bed last night. Interested in hearing what his voice sounds like. He’s from Texas.

Fiddler: Don’t know too much about him; met on Match.com; wrote some emails back and forth. He’s eloquent; a musician; has a sister; I look forward to talking to him more. I enjoy a good email.

LiberalBoy: 24, works for a congressman; met on Match.com; we have a friend in common; he looks exactly like Deanna’s Jesse; IMed me yesterday morning with a fun mind puzzle, continued to IM me throughout the whole day.

Got a lovely IM from a boy on Jdate; I accepted the IM and he invited me to drinks because he lives one town over. I said thank you, and asked him to tell me about himself. What did he say? “I have my own software company and I’m really handsome.” Uh. I gave him a minute to say “lol” or “haha” or even a god damned winky face, but no. Nothing. I responded with an “Oh, your own company, that’s cool.” I looked back on his Jdate profile and indeed he does say, “Some people might say that I am cocky, others know that I am inherently confident. Although I know I am good looking, I do not feel as though this is the most important thing in myself or anyone else and I prefer to look deeper.” I told him I’d contact him if I wanted to get a drink. Thanks, but no thanks. Been there, done that.

The thing with talking online is that it’s hysterical to me; it’s my generation’s form of courting. This is why I don’t see a huge difference in meeting men in a bar and meeting them online. When I meet men in a bar, I talk to them a little, get their name and screen name, and then we end up flirting online for a week anyway. This isn’t that much different. Or, maybe I’m justifying meeting men online to myself. Either way, it’s keeping me busy.

In other news, my uncle is setting me up with someone that I’m actually very excited about. He’s 29, has his own company, is cute, smart, and funny. I know his brother (know is an understatement, he’s been my crush since I was 5); we both ran in the same circles growing up, so we know a lot of people in common. I hope my uncle pushes this and we go through with it because I’m interested to see how we’ll get along.

Have you ever had a family member set you up with someone?


4 responses to “Miss March’s New List

  1. Not a biological family member, but a guy I consider close enough to be my brother set me up with my Big Love. So. Yeah.

  2. stay away from liberal boy haha sounds a lot like the admiral! not that that is a bad thing, but just saying!

  3. missmarchabouttown

    @aspota: Funny thing; the job that LiberalBoy has is one that Admiral was supposed to get! They are very similar…I need a change, for sure.

  4. No not my family. My dad is cuban and VERY old school so I doubt a set up will EVER come from him. Plus I’m wayyy to picky about my guys. I actually have a list: educated, a good paying job, treats me well and so on. I think pretty much what every girl wants.

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