Miss March on Her Fav Boy

Baby Brother is Home!

Baby Brother is Home!

Well, it’s August 5th today which means the number one man in my life is finally home: Baby Brother. He’s been in France for the summer and he just arrived back, voice deeper, skin smooth, and a very French gait about him. There’s nothing like being an older sister and having this Baby Brother who is taller than you; he’s a one-of-a-kind human being. Over the years he’s been introduced to many of my and J’s exes, friends, dates, etc. and with each one I know he’s been watching, keeping his eye on his big sisters, and keeping close watch over the relationships. He’s seen what’s made us smile, which boys made us cry, and who we ended up letting stick around. I hope, I think, he’s learned a lot from watching me make mistakes; I have a feeling he’s going to be a great boyfriend to some lucky lady someday. And I can’t wait to watch him build relationships and see who he’s going to let into his life. For now, I’m content to hear all about his French travels!

By the by, to clear things up: I’m not actually going to publicly slander MusicTeach’s name, but the animal-instinct in me really desires to.

In other news, I’ve decided to go to a concert this weekend and I’m sort of intent on making sure I meet the singer; it’s a small venue, with a semi-famous celebrity singer, and he’s wildly cute in that sort of dorky way. He’s 30, Jewish, and been in some things here and there. I’m going to go early, hang out at the bar, see if he’s around, and introduce myself. Have any of you ever “been” with a celebrity?

Also, I need a semi-adult, but sexy look for a date this week…any suggestions?


3 responses to “Miss March on Her Fav Boy

  1. I have, in fact, “been” with a person who is considered a significant celeb in his field. I think I’ll leave it at that 🙂

  2. wear your red dress from target. that dress is semi adult but sexy!

    and no i have not been with a celeb, although i see mr mayer around and intend to snag him haha

  3. never, YET. one day, when i meet my destiny.

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