Miss March’s Wacky Saturday

Saturday was a long, busy, yet extremely fun and comedic day.

Otherwise known as “The Day Men Couldn’t Take a Hint.”

It all started with me getting back home super late from hanging with ColoradoBoy (CB) on Friday night. We were hanging out in town and talking and before we knew it it was almost dawn. Almost. He asked if I wanted to go to brunch the next morning because he wanted to see me before he went away; I said sure. He’s a sweetheart and makes me laugh. There’s something very telling in his green eyes; he makes eye contact and doesn’t look away. He’s also very smart; intellectualism (without pretension) is a huge plus for any guy that I see.

So, we went out to brunch at this adorable diner in his town and he had the most delicious looking thing ever:

Cinnamon french toast with mascarpone and fruit!

Cinnamon french toast with mascarpone and fruit!

After brunch we hung out for a while, but he had work at three. He works in electronics store, as of now, while he’s looking for a job that suits what he actually went to school for. So, I left and went out to lunch with J. No, I didn’t eat two lunches, but I got a soda and sat with her while she ate. These two baby-faced boys come into the burger place and sat down at the table next to us. They started trying to flirt with us, not paying any attention to the fact that we were trying to actually have a conversation. But, their flirting turned to nastiness when they found out that we had gone to decent colleges (aka out of state), we were much older than them (by a few years), and then one of them asked “What sort of car do you drive?” (who asks that at a burger place?!) When I told him the car, it’s my Grandmother’s car from the ’80s, he said, “OOOO You’ve got money!” And started in on that. Um, excuse me, I could be YOUR teacher, so shut it. They got nasty (to be fair, it was really only one of them speaking to us, not both) because we were trying to have a conversation amongst ourselves. It was very interesting to see that this young boy didn’t want these older women to be better than him, so when he found out that we happened to have a different lifestyle (he kept cracking jokes about the fact that we went to private school, etc.) he got very mean. Not an attractive quality in a man and I hope someone tells him that before he’s allowed to legally enter a bar and meet women, not girls.

Dropped J off at work and decided that not only did I need a new battery for my camera, but I was bored, so I went to CB’s store to get the battery…and say goodbye to him one more time. It’s funny; I don’t find myself getting attached to these boys as much as I find everything so amusing. I liked being with him; his smile makes me melt. If I’m going to get a new battery, why not go where he is? I parked where he couldn’t see me and walked right past his store to Starbucks; I know he saw me, because when I sauntered into CB’s store with my iced coffee in hand he came right up to me and grinned, “I need a new battery for my camera! Where can I get some help around here?!” He laughed and took the camera. He introduced me to his co-worker, who looks exactly like he should work at an electronics store, but was very nice. I put my bag behind the counter and played with all the new digital cameras. Not very many customers came in, so CB let me have reign of the place and try anything I wanted. To be honest, it was the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

ColoradoBoy in his store.

ColoradoBoy in his store.

I had so much fun playing around there that I stayed until he closed. Three hours later. If you had asked me on Friday what I thought I’d be doing on Saturday night, I would most certainly not have said, “Playing in an electronics store and stealing stockroom kisses for three hours.” But, like I said, I was laughing; I was having a lot of fun; I was playing with this for a long time while driving CB insane:

Princess laptop with QWERTY keyboard! This drove CB nuts...

Princess laptop with QWERTY keyboard! This drove CB nuts...

I just sat there, spelling words like “princess” and “pink” and “dance” while CB stood, smiling at me, helping customers, and drinking his iced tea. When it came time to close the store, he let me help (which was sort of fun in some weird way). As we walked out, I asked him what I should do now and he said to follow him back to his house (his sister was there, so I knew it wasn’t too dangerous) and we could hang out and eat dinner. So, we did. And, again, it was comfy, fun, giggly, and a very sweet time. In the past 24 hours I had spent 16 hours with him. WOW. Life is totally weird. He knows I’m not looking to settle down, and he seems to be okay with that; he made it clear, as well, that marriage isn’t what he’s out to look for right now. I like him. I like his smile, his eyes, his laugh. The way he makes me feel. The interesting facts he tells me. His intelligence. The way he opens the car door every time. I even like the way he drives. Oh boy.

So, I raced home after being with CB, changed into a black dress and jean jacket and met J in town after her last night of work (congrats J!). We went to the bar we’ve been going to, but didn’t see anyone there, so we strolled into this sports bar in town where we happen to know the bartender. He set us up with free drinks and I was all ready and excited to tell J about my time with CB when this MUCH older man comes over to us. He sets his beer in the middle of our drinks, puts his hands on the back of our chairs and leans into us. Greaaaaat. At first we were cordial to him, nice even; he was wasted, and looked like our dad, but we’re not mean girls. Then it just started to get out of control and annoying as hell. He had been telling us how gorgeous we are and how smart we seem and he actually had met J once from her job, so he was going on-and-on about how amazing she is. We smiled nicely. He was so drunk he couldn’t even make eye contact. Then, he started reciting the first lines of his “short story” to us. What the frak? Then, he went on-and-on about how he went to Georgetown. The guy was 55 (at least) and acted as though he thought he was 25. Uh, no. He never stopped talking about himself. I made a look at John, our bartender friend, and John came over. “You meet my girls?” He said to the guy. The guy laughed and said, “Your girls?” “Yeah! They’re my girls, I’m lucky to know them, aren’t they wonderful?” The guy slowed down a bit. Yet, he didn’t leave. He stopped talking, yet still stood there, over us. Awesome. J and I were, once again for the day, trying to have a conversation and this guy wouldn’t leave. Finally, J got up to say goodbye to some girls she knew and I was sitting there, watching the Olympics, waiting for her. The older man whispered to me, “It must be a struggle huh?” I turned to him, with my cold-stare and said, “WHAT?” “Being sisters and all, must be hard for you.” I don’t even know exactly what he was trying to say; perhaps that J was better looking and smarter? Or that we are both good looking and we’re competitive? Either way, I got up and went to say goodbye to John.

Here’s the thing, how do you deflect a drunk older man? He wasn’t wanted in that situation, he was overtly drunk, he was touching our backs, and he was being really annoying. How do you kindly get rid of him? It’s one thing if it’s a young guy and he’s hitting on you because you can always mention your boyfriend, but even when John came over and made it clear that we “belonged” to him, the guy still didn’t move. We were trying to have a nice sister night and he ruined it. That’s not fair. And yet, if we tell him to go away, he may get angry. What’s a woman supposed to do in this situation?

How do you get rid of drunk and annoying (older?) men when they don’t take a hint?! HELP! It seriously marred the night, and I’m not sure how to handle it next time.


4 responses to “Miss March’s Wacky Saturday

  1. looks like you have much to tell me tomorrow!

  2. That happened to me and two college pals that hadn’t seen each other for a few years and were trying to catch up. This guy thought because he was the bar owner it gave him extra license to be ‘smooth’. We finally told the guy, look, we were right in the middle of something, do you mind? Hated to be beatches, but he wasn’t getting the hints.
    Awesome Saturday MM!

  3. Arthur Guinness

    You should probably just move to Dublin, Ireland. Its estimated that 50% of the people in the city are younger than 25 years old. Its probably your best and most logical option to escape old people without being rude about it.

  4. missmarchabouttown

    @A: I love keeping up the blog so you girls can follow my adventures even from far away!

    @NHB: I think that’s the best move to make. Perhaps I’m too nice…something I need to work on!

    @Arthur: I’ve never been to Ireland, but I do want to go! Does seem like the best option, overall… 🙂

    Thanks for the comments and for keeping up with the blog! 😀

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