Miss March’s Missed Connection

A few weeks ago J and I were at the same adorable diner that ColoradoBoy and I went to; we were with our grandma because, despite her not wanting to go anywhere else that’s loud and cramped, for some reason she loves that diner. Anyway, in the booth in front of us was a guy in his early 20’s, also with his grandma. She had an oxygen tank thing with her and it was plugged into the wall. When he went to pull it out, it seemed to get stuck, so J got up to help him. He helped his grandma up and she held his arm as they walked out. He was good looking, probably younger than me, but seemed so utterly sweet. What did I do about this situation? I put a Missed Connections on Craig’s List about him, obviously. I mean, what’s a girl supposed to do when she sees what could possibly be the man of her dreams walk on by? Use Craig’s List. Duh.

Missed Connections is the term for when two people see each other, or one person sees someone they like, or you meet someone at a party and don’t catch their name, or on public transportation, or what not. You may never see them again, so people try their hand at posting on their city’s Missed Connection thread on Craig’s List. I’ve done it like twice, and people usually do respond, but you are acutely aware that it’s not actually the man you’re looking for, but someone who just wants to meet a woman.

So, on July 17th I posted this on Craig’s List for my city’s Missed Connections:

You’re a young guy in your 20’s with dirty blonde hair. You were at the Diner in town today, Thursday, with your grandmother. You were wearing a striped Brooks Brothers shirt. My sister helped you pull the cord from the wall for your grandma’s breathing tubes. You seemed really sweet and I thought I’d say hi! Message me back if this is you.

I really didn’t think I’d ever hear from THAT guy again because he simply didn’t look like the kind of stud who trolls Craig’s List looking for a Missed Connection about him (uh, not that I do that or anything…).

I’ve been back to the diner a lot since then, but haven’t seen him. I pretty much gave up all hope on the sweet man wearing Brooks Brothers and helping his grandma, until I got a funny response in my email box this morning:

Strangely enough, I believe I’m the person you’re looking for is me. I can’t believe I actually stumbled across your message, I mean I usually just check missed encounters every once in a while to get a quick laugh in. But I remember going to the diner on both of those exact days! And how I love those Brooks Brothers! But I digress. Now tell me, which one were you? I do have my suspicions but I want to hear it from you.

Looking forward to meeting you,

P. S. My grandmas dead.

Now, I could be wrong, and it really could be him, but here’s where my suspicions lie. For one, I only posted about one day, Thursday the 17th of July, so I’m not sure what he’s talking about with the “both of those exact days!” Also, “And how I love those Brooks Brothers!” What a weird thing to say, no? Why didn’t he just say, “Yes, I was wearing Brooks Brothers”? The real kicker is the PS part. That’s the part that makes me think this is all a piece of BS. Simply because who would an an email saying that (it’s grammatically wrong, anyway). I mean, I guess he wants me to know that the same grandma I saw is now passed away?

Readers, what do you think?! Have you ever posted a Missed Connection or had one written about you? Should I reply?


7 responses to “Miss March’s Missed Connection

  1. I’d say respond but using an email address that you won’t mind trashing if this person is 1) Not the person he says he is and 2) Reacts immaturely if/when you realize this and spams the crap out of your email address. Is there some subtle way that you can verify without making it seem like you are trying to verify?
    As to the issue of ‘both of those days’, perhaps in your initial post, it could have been interpretted as a list of days, not a clarification. That having been said, it would been a very vague list.

  2. As NoamNot says, respond with an anonymized email address. He could have read your post as saying that you were at the diner “today and Thursday,” and it’s possible that the woman he was with was not his grandmother — but what a crass way to say it!

    And maybe be prepared to be disappointed by this guy if he’s an imposter. But keep going to the diner – maybe you’ll see the real guy again!

  3. hmmmm…playing with people’s missed connection emotions is a meany thing to do… The email seems fake but I also just really didn’t think that people made a hobby of bs-ing these things. Use an anonymous email address if you reply. Since you like just talking to guys online, seems like you have nothing to lose.

  4. creepy mccreeperson. seriously, even if it is him, back off. i don’t like it at all. who PUTS that in an email?!

  5. ask for a pic, because there are creepsters and pervs on craigs list, just use the cl email

  6. missmarchabouttown

    @NoamNot: All great suggestions…does seem fake to me though. Perhaps better not to reply!

    @Ingrid: You’re right! I will be going back there a lot…and not just for the bacon/cheese omelettes.

    @Anon: Playing with people’s missed connections emotions IS mean! I agree!

    @Vittoria: Creepy people put that in emails…I won’t be responding…I feel like he’s manically laughing somewhere in the distance.

    @A: True, I should ask for a pic, but I’m pretty sure it’s not him.

    Thanks for the comments!! 🙂

  7. ewww how weird. “how i do love those brooks brothers”??? sounds like something my ex craig would say. annnnnd the p.s.?? freakin weirdo. don’t respond.

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