Miss March’s Sunday

Happy Sunday, all. I hope everyone is having a relaxing end of summer weekend.

Dimitri from Anastasia...cute.

I didn’t go out at all this weekend; except today, I sort of went on a “first date” to meet my cousin and her new boyfriend. It went well; he’s very nice and they seem like a good match. The only thing on my mind right now, to be honest, is buying this car. I test drove my top three yesterday and the search seems to be narrowing. I’ll let you know which one I buy when it happens!

Miss March from Face Your Manga!

Thought I’d do something a little silly today and show you the avatar I made on Face Your Manga; I was up too late the other night and bored, so I thought I’d give it a try. I love cartoon versions of people. For the longest time I had a crush on Dimitri in Anastasia; what cartoon character do you have a crush on? Prince Eric? Prince Charming? The Beast? Do tell! What did you do this weekend?


13 responses to “Miss March’s Sunday

  1. i also always had a crush on Dimitri (but i’d call him Dima, or Mita!) i guess its the little russkaya in me! i think russian is such a sexy language.. also Dima is SO cute.. also Aladdin, as embarrassing as that is! i was always ashamed of that, probably because he is SO cheesey!
    xx WW


  2. it would have to be trey from daria!!! he was a hottie and oh so cool

  3. This weekend I..slept! shopped like a maniac! worked! pigged out on pizza! got a massage and three hours of pampering! got bored out of my wits! was told to get a boyfriend! caught up with old friends from school! spent another night with insomnia!

  4. mmmm trent from daria… loved him

    this weekend i worked my last weekend at this job!! YAY

  5. I had to work this weekend. When it comes to cartoon characters, I’d go for Lion-O from Thundercats although he’s kinda beastly.

  6. I’d have to go with Jessica Rabbit. Whats not to like? She’s a hottie with the body in a classic sexy way.

  7. Buying a new car?? ohh 🙂
    fun, I enjoy reading your blog a lot 🙂


    STOP BY ! 😉

  8. revopbhatia1952

    i enjoy reading and watch deeply.

  9. I always liked Dimitri. (I like his voice actor, too)!

  10. nada mas q es muy bonito x q descubre la reaLIDAD de los romanov

  11. me parecio hermoso la representacion

  12. i had the biggest crush on captain shang from mulan! i think it was the badass military thing. i’ve always had a thing about a men in uniforms, but i think that all started with him. 😀

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