Miss March on Placement?

One of the boards I did when I was president of my "house" in college. Fortune cookies!

Sorry I’ve been so MIA lately. End of August is a scary busy time for teachers. Especially teachers like me who get eerily into perfecting their bulletin boards. It’s an art, you know. Anyway, between preparing my classroom and car shopping, life seems to be going double speed.

But, I did want to bring something funny up. The other night J and I washed our sheets, blankets, etc. and were helping each other re-construct our beds when the issue of sleeping alone came up. We both have full-size beds. I sleep in the middle and she sleeps on the side. It’s an interesting topic, I think. I asked her why she sleeps on the side, and not the middle and she laughed and said, perhaps it’s because she’s preparing for the day that she will share the bed with someone for good. I love sleeping in the middle because I feel like I own the space. So, where do you sleep in your bed? Middle? Side? Do you think where you sleep says something about you?

PS. Oh, readers, you’d be so proud of me! I kicked butt in car shopping today! The men were so beside themselves that little ol’ me knew the difference between a CRV LX and EX that they couldn’t even make eye contact with me! Gomez was so proud!


6 responses to “Miss March on Placement?

  1. I actually just got my first full sized bed, and I find myself sleeping on the left side of the bed mostly. Perhaps because it is closest to the wall. Sometimes I migrate to the middle, but for some reason I feel most comfortable on the left side. Who knows what it means…maybe I am waiting for someone to join me πŸ˜‰ I love having all that space to myself though, especially after sleeping in a twin my whole life.

  2. I sleep curled up in a corner with the covers all piled on top of me…this must mean that I have issues.

  3. j sounds pretty messed up. haha, kidding. i sleep on one side of my big bed because tomorrow i go back to a dorm sized twin and i don’t want to roll off of it!.. maybe that’s j’s reason too? maybe..?

  4. i either sleep on the side or diagonally. when JF and i were dating, he always took the right side. on one of the rare nights that he didn’t stay over, i woke up totally diagonal in my queen sized bed. i told him about it and we laughed that it was my protest to him not being there. sure enough… whenever he didn’t sleep over, i woke up diagonally in my bed.

  5. I sleep under my bed so I always have the element of surprise if ninjas come by to kidnap me. I suggest you do the same for your own safety.

  6. You go girl! @ cars.

    I sleep “curled up in a corner with the covers all piled on top of me…” just like Kelly above.
    Issues? N-O. πŸ˜€
    I like snuggling upto a pillow and well,maybe it means I’m open to sharing my space when the right guy comes along.Hehe.

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