Miss March Runs?

Sorry for the lack of posts, friends. School officially started today and I’m off and running.

What’s been going on in my love life? Not too much. Got a text from a boy I like last night wishing me luck on my first day today. We texted for a little while, but alas, he’s not too close by…oh, and he’s taken. It’s all innocent and friendly, I just happen to have a crush on him. Another one of the Boys on the Stoop actually remembered it was my first day and texted me to see how it was today. I was actually surprised he reached out to see how I was. It was really nice to know he was thinking about me!

Also, I used the ‘r’ word with ColoradoBoy tonight.


I texted him, “We should go running!”

What was Miss March thinking?! Am I going insane? RUNNING? I don’t RUN, I WALK. He’s an active person, and while I’m active as well, he’s into hiking, rock climbing, and biking while my activity consists of running up and down the stairs at school and my treadmill. I suggested we go to the boardwalk for a run sometime soon; that wouldn’t be that bad. It’s a beautiful place to run. If one were to run. Which I don’t. At least not for periods longer than three minutes, which is a whole song and then I’m done. Again, running? Really? All this stress must be getting to me.

It was like a moment out of Scooby-Do, “Rut Ro!” I sent the message and then looked at my phone and thought, why didn’t I just say, “let’s go to the boardwalk”? Why did I have to add “run”? Luckily he’s the sweet type of guy who would just poke fun of me if I died running on the boardwalk and not actually make fun of me. There’s a difference, you know.

Come to think of it, I think I said running because I do actually want to keep active, and I knew he would never, ever get me rock climbing or mountain biking, so running was the best of the worst activities I could think of. Am I making any sense here? Maybe I’m just an activity-wimp.

Have you ever gone out on a “limb” for a guy and done something extreme that he likes to do? (Yes, I’m well aware that running is not going out on a limb or an extreme, but I’m generalizing here).


5 responses to “Miss March Runs?

  1. I tried to get into death metal for a boyfriend. That relationship did not last long at all, obvi. I’ve certainly gone out on emotional “limbs” for a guy, but in terms of activities that’s all I can think of. I’m not much of an outdoorsy person either so I totally get your reluctance to go rock climbing, etc. Btw, I just got into running…I used to be like you and could go like 5 minutes but now I’ve built up to a whole 30 min! You can do it!

  2. A little known fact about me is I’m a bit of a crazy sports fan. Except basketball. I really don’t like basketball. But, during the finals this season, C and I had a really stressful day at work. So, we got tons of fast food, a six pack each, and sat down to watch the basketball finals.

    That’s going pretty far out on a limb. Sucking it up and watching a sport that doesn’t really entertain me — however, watching Boston lose always entertains me.

    Except Boston didn’t lose… womp womp.

  3. i go gambling with the boy in AC. and i hate spending money on anything other than clothing and food haha. I think that’s a big limb!

  4. sometimes i have chinese when i want mexican. *sometimes*.
    slowly i pick up his habits (i use moleskines, which i learned from him& i used to use his pens, but that’s because i stole them from him).. so thats a no.. he and i are pretty compatible in those ways, we both hate activity.

  5. Probably the biggest limb was when I went out with a guy that didn’t have a TV and didn’t like sports. I’m hooked on Law & Order and sports so it was a stretch, even his hotness wasn’t enough to sustain the relationship. Plus he drank cheap beer, should have known it wasn’t going to work out.

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