Miss March May be Crazy

The amazing and incomparable Stevie Wonder once sang, “When you believe in things that you don’t understand then you suffer, superstition ain’t the way.” I’m a pretty superstitious person, when it really comes down to it. I remember the day my grandfather passed away, I was getting dressed to go to the hospital and I thought to myself, “Welp, whatever outfit I put on this second I can never wear again because something bad may happen.” Call me crazy, I’m sure, but doesn’t everyone have certain “lucky socks” or “lucky underwear” that they wear when they need the extra vote of confidence? I know that I have my amazing plaid shirt; I don’t know if it’s lucky or not, but it makes me feel beautiful, which in turn gives me confidence, which therefore helps do the things which I want to do–and perhaps get a positive outcome. Luck or confidence booster? Both?

This puppy has her own black and white polka dotted dress for dates!

And then it’s the other way around. There’s the clothes which, like the outfit I wore to see my grandfather, I can never wear happily again. Thus the story of the polka-dotted dress which is now forever ruined in my mind and is a total shame because I love it. Why is it totally ruined in my mind? I wore it on the last date with MusicTeach. It’s the dress that lay in the park with him and went out for seafood; and now in my mind, it’s the dress that came with the end of something (yes, and the beginning of other things too, I’m not that pessimistic!). It’s such a shame that I relate the dress back to him; it’s this amazing soft jersey black and white polka dotted Gap dress which fits me perfectly. I’ve washed it since him, sure, but I can’t get the mental stain to wash away.

Why am I harping on this now? Because I really want something cute to wear next time I go out with ColoradoBoy and that dress would be perfect…yet, I can’t stop thinking that if I wear the dress it’s going to end up being our last date. How sick is that? It’s okay, I know it’s crazy. But, I can’t seem to put the dress on. I’ll wear it to school, or you know, a family party, but definitely not on dates. It’s now become a non-date dress, instead of a perfect date dress.

Do you get weird about certain clothing in your life?

PS. I ended up making salsa burgers with sweet potato fries! So delicious!


3 responses to “Miss March May be Crazy

  1. no, but i do refuse to write down my boyfriends name in any place with the other guys i dated, because when i did with them things ended soon after, like i’d never see them again, they’d end over phone or just fade away.. so i don’t write his name.
    the outfit i wore to my aunt’s funeral had to be given away. but i can’t remember what i wore to my grandpas’ funerals.. and what i wore to see my grandpa in the hospital was one of his sweaters, i did that intentionally.

  2. I am the same way, but more so about school haha. In high school i had a few outfits that I felt made me ace exams. So on a day of midterms/finals/big test, I would make sure to wear them!
    Also- I remember what I wore on 9/11 and basically never wore it again because I thought it would bring bad luck.

    What a crazy I am!

  3. mmmm sweet potato fries.

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