Miss March Gets Creepy Emails…

Okay, kids, it’ time for “creepy emails from Match.com” update.

Just received this and thought I’d share:

Subject: If You Promise

Email: to wear a sexy dress – I would love to invite you to dinner with me Friday evening…

Um, what if I don’t want to wear a sexy dress, let alone meet you? I love presumption, don’t you?

Anyone else get any creepy online dating emails lately?


4 responses to “Miss March Gets Creepy Emails…

  1. this is my personal favorite: “How short of a short term of a relationship are you looking for?”

  2. Oooo, can I write the email response for you?

    Subject: Be Careful What You Wish For

    Email: If you take me to the most elegant restaurant in town – I will smile and make pleasant conversation during our date… and I will let you know that I carry mace and a stun gun in my purse.

  3. Is match.com really worth it? I’ve been tempted to try it out but just not sure about the price. Or the thought of meeting some weirdo’s. I think I need to lean towards trying new things.

  4. missmarchabouttown

    @Allie: I think it’s something fun for people to try once in their lives. I’ve met some weird guys on there…but, I’ve also met some sweeties. It can go either way. Try it for like 3 months! No harm, no foul…just a little money spent! 🙂 I say go for it!

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