Miss March High Fives!

Sometimes in life I find the oddest things totally and utterly sexy. Back in college I once stood next to a boy that I liked, doing dishes together, and while our hands touched under the soapy, disgusting water, I couldn’t have been happier and thought the whole ordeal was the epitome of oddly sexy.

I also think men (men that I happen to like) driving can be very sexy. Something about the way that their hands move the wheel, they look over their shoulder, glance into their mirrors…I don’t know, call me insane, but there is a certain sexiness to it.

Another, less crazy, thing I find sexy is when guys remember certain aspects of your life that you didn’t expect them to; like, your best friend’s name, or your most hated food. It’s sweet and sexy to know that they actually processed what you said and remembered it (or my expectations of men are REALLY low…?)

But recently I’ve been thinking about the sexiest thing I can think of:


I think that two “lovers” (or whatever) who give a high-five to each other is completely sexy. The other day I stopped to visit One of the Boys at work and I told him something good about my day and he gave me a high-five. Well, I just about fell over. I know that the act of high-fiving isn’t sexy: two hands slapping? Least sexy thing ever and if taken a step too far, it even treads into violent or angry territory. But, think about it. What does the act of “highing-five” mean? To me, it means camaraderie, friendship; what’s sexier than good friendship? And, I believe to be great in bed with something, you need a certain sense of teamwork, or camaraderie. How else will everyone win if the team isn’t playing together?

There’s a certain sense of praise that comes from giving someone a high-five. They’re proud of you, so they are showing you. He was proud of me for something, so he wanted to tell me, not just in words. Am I over thinking this? Yes. But, do you get my point? I hope so. There’s more to the high-five than just the art of slapping; a high-five, when two people who like each other slap hands, conveys a sense of “yes, WE did it!” Whether it’s finding the movie theater, liking the same book, going to the same high school, whatever. There’s a sense of togetherness in a fun, silly way, and we all know that silliness, in the right measurements, is very sexy.

Last night I was talking to T about hand-holding and this piece by Ryan Dodge from Single-ish. It’s about how hand-holding is a very intimate public display of affection which implies much more than the simple act of holding hands. I totally agree with this; but, I also think that highing-five is an intimate act. There’s an act of romantic intimacy implied in the high-five, I think, which is often lost because the high-five is so often used for sports, etc. It’s a private, quiet, intimacy; it’s that sense of togetherness, which I discussed before, that idea that perhaps you’re in this game together. That’s pretty intimate, if you ask me.

Okay readers, do tell, what odd things do you find sexy?

PS. Check out this VERY detailed Wikipedia entry on the High-Five. Too funny!


4 responses to “Miss March High Fives!

  1. Men laughing out loud without thinking people around him – i find it sexy….

  2. – Driving
    – Bashful smiles
    – Aftershave
    – Being protective
    – Chivalry..small things like letting the woman walk through a door first/holding it open/waiting till she sits at the table.So minor and yet they make such a big impact.

  3. Winking makes me weak in the knees when it is done in a sly “we have a secret between us” manner.

  4. ah yes! winking. also calling me “kid” in that non condescending way. also before you are anything more than friends, a good kiss on the cheek with a firm waist hold.

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