Miss March on Perfect Spouses?

Marilyn Monroe held her own to her famous husband, Arthur Miller. She didn't have to try and be the "perfect wife" at their dinner parties to help his career!

Anyone else see this article in today’s Style Section of The Times? It’s about how playing the role of the “perfect spouse” is imperative to your significant other obtaining a high level job. Fantastic. Except that 99% of the article is about wives being the perfect little speciman to their husbands; they cited about two examples of husbands’ having to behave and the rest of the article is about how wives can ruin their husbands’ chances of getting a job because of their “bad behavior.” I thought it was a totally throw-back, sexist article. Why is it that women have to put on a front and “behave” for their husbands’ work people but men can just be themselves? Thoughts? Do tell!


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