Miss March is Label-less

Oh Em Gee: Holding Hands Despite a Breakup?!

So, I was browsing my usual gossip websites while snacking after school today and saw this. Woah. Breaking News. People are HOLDING HANDS. Stop the presses!

For some reason the “article” (Yes, readers, I am aware I am citing Us Magazine as an “article”) made me irrationally mad. Who cares what they’re doing despite that they said they broke up? Why do we need to highlight the fact that they are holding hands even though they claimed that they weren’t together any more? Why need labels? We say people are “together” or “apart” or “single” or “taken.” Why can’t we just “be us” and “be happy”?

If there’s one thing both my parents have taught me it’s that you can have a relationship with someone and don’t need to put any sort of label on it. In fact, as one of the Boys has stated, in quantum physics (oh, look at me sounding all science-y!), when you measure something (aka, a relationship) you automatically put a label on it. By measuring who you are with someone else, or what the two of you are, it’s labeling it as “something.” And when there’s a “something,” it’s going to be analyzed.

Why can’t people just “love”? What is this desire to label? Who cares if Jimmy and Sara decide to hold hands even though they aren’t engaged anymore? Maybe they still love each other or maybe they’re friends.

I’m so over labels. In general. Labels box you in; I don’t agree with fences. Why should I listen to someone else tell me that I have to be in a relationship to hold hands or can’t seriously date or fall in love with more than one person? Labels are for those who fear the un-labeled, if you get me.

So, go tear off your labels and walk around label-less; it’s super sexy. Label-less is the new black, didn’t you know?


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