Miss March on New Shoes…?

The new shoes that I was complimented on!

Today I got stopped three times, twice in school, and once on the street, for compliments on my new shoes. I was thrilled to tell people that I got them at Target and they were $10. It made me feel really good to get complimented on something as little as my shoes (and they are little!). It got me thinking about complimenting people; I love giving compliments. I try to give as many as I can during the day, especially to my puberty-stricken students. Erin, from Glamour’s Single-ish said recently,

“I believe every red-blooded American woman needs to hear at least one compliment a day. It can come from anyone—and it can be about anything. As long as it sounds genuine.”

I think that’s true about everyone, not just women. I feel like I constantly tell BB and The Boys that they look great, or their shirt is cute, or they look in shape, or that they’re handsome. I like making them smile, and I especially like boosting their confidence levels. I feel like, however, I give out many more compliments to men that I receive. I think men put too much stock into saying “you look great” or “you’re beautiful.” For women to say it, we don’t usually turn it into a heavy situation, we’re simply just telling the men that he looks good in those pants, or what not. But, when women receive a compliment, and men are very aware of this, sometimes we twist it into our own words and make it seem like a bigger deal than it was supposed to be. If a man tells a woman he’s seeing that she’s beautiful, she may think he means more than simply “you’re beautiful.”

There’s also a variation in the type of compliments that one can give. For example, one of the Boys calls me “bella” which means beautiful in Italian. I enjoy this. In fact, it makes my stomach jump a little. However, one of the other Boys calls me “hot” as in “wow, you’re so hot.” Is hot less romantic than bella? Intrinsically, yes. I mean, bella is not only “beautiful” but Italian, the language of love; whereas, “hot” is a little abrasive and sexual. However, they both mean the same thing: the man finds you attractive and wants you.

What compliements do you get from men? Do you think too much into compliments?


2 responses to “Miss March on New Shoes…?

  1. Hey, Miss March. Just wanted to let you know that I linked over to your blog in my Single-ish post today. Keep up the good work.

  2. I’ve gotten a couple heart-warming compliments from a guy or two over the course of my life. But the best one was from a guy with whom I went to grad school. I don’t think I was particularly dolled up, but he told me rather matter-of-factly that I looked “quite fetching.” Knowing full well that he didn’t mean it in a romantic way, that compliment still makes me smile – the mark of a great compliment!

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