Miss March Does Date Night: Preppy Style

The Non-Iron oxford from Brooks Brothers: a staple in the Prep's wardrobe.

Major Thursday shout out to Ryan from Single-ish! He linked me up on today’s post about talking about sex with men. Thanks Ryan! (and if you ever want to go out for a drink…you know where to find me, not wearing my polka-dotted dress.

Well, it’s daaaaaaaaaate night. Yep, tonight is date night with The Prep. We’ve talked either through text/IM/phone every day since we were set-up. I work with his cousin, and she was super excited for us to meet. He seems to be nice, yet semi-odd, but aren’t they all? Take for example, this conversation we had online last night (oh, how this generation dates is just so weird):

Me: Well, I made myself oatmeal cookies tonight. Healthy ones.

Him: I love u

Me: Huh?

Him: ur just so cute.

Wow, I’ve heard of saying I love you on the first date, but dropping the ILY pre-date? Balls, man. See, that’s where he can get weird: on the internet. He just puts on this fifteen year old boy persona and I have a feeling (let’s cross our fingers) that that’s not really what he’s like.

He’s coming out from The City to see me/visit his parents. We’re meeting up really late (okay, 10PM has been late for me since school started) for coffee or something. I’m not sure what to wear; the mother figure suggested a black polo with the collar popped, pink khakis and a Vera Bradly belt. Oh so preppy on my part.

Damnit, it just started raining. I’ll let you know how it goes with The Prep. Anyone else got dates tonight? Do tell!

Thanks again, Ryan!


4 responses to “Miss March Does Date Night: Preppy Style

  1. i have a date tomorrow 🙂

    oh and the outfit…i dunno, i’d go with something a little sexier/nighttime. hope it goes well! xx

  2. i’ll be working on public finance while you kiddies have fun with boys boooo

  3. Do tell…how was the date?

  4. Yea how come we haven’t gotten the deets yet?

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