Miss March Challenges You!

Miss March has a challenge for you!

While talking to A tonight, she said very sternly to me, “I really don’t think there are any nice guys out there; I don’t believe it.”

I chose to disagree with her.

Is finding a "nice guy" like solving a rubik's cube? Just when you think you got it, another little color block pops up and you start back at square one.

Of course there are nice, good, sweet men out there; I mean, there has to be, right? Admiral Adama was the best boyfriend and friend he could be for the 3.5 years we were dating. Yes, I had my issues with him. Yes, they were major issues, but he was a sweetheart, most of the time.

Am I just proving myself wrong here?

What exactly constitutes a “good man”? My grandma would probably say, that a good man takes care of you, puts your first, never yells or snaps, lets you live your life (did I just describe a man or a dog?). Are we asking too little of men (just the other day I said to CB, “All I want is for someone to be nice to me and call me back!”) or perhaps we’re asking too much of men (be my best friend/partner/always be on/always be nice/do the dishes)?

I have a feeling that BB is going to be a “good” and “nice man.” He was raised with two sisters and watched men break our hearts and make us cry; he must have learned something from that. He’s in-tune, I think, more than most other men are, with a woman’s manners, methods, and reasoning. He’s watched his sisters chose or not chose to continue seeing men in their lives and our reasons for that.

Okay, after reading over this post I realized I quickly changed the question from finding a “nice guy” to a “good man”…I wonder why I did that?

I guess I see them as one and the same; someone who is a “good man” is also going to be “nice.” Don’t get me wrong here either, I’m not saying I’ve never met a nice guy, but they are very, very few and far between.

And yes, it’s certainly hard to find a nice guy out there; I’ve found, in my dating travels, that many men aren’t sure of themselves yet, so they take their insecurities out on you. But, there has to be a plethora of hidden nice guys out there, right? Maybe they’re all on some island, preparing me Apple Juice and vodkas with Tasti D Lite for dinner…

…or you could just start humming the tune to Matchmaker, “But, he’s a nice man, a good catch, true?”

Here’s your challenge: TELL US about any NICE GUYS you know! (and are they single and in the NY area? I kid, I kid. Sort of…) Prove Miss March and A wrong!

Are there any truly Nice Guys out there?


7 responses to “Miss March Challenges You!

  1. Ooh yah, there are “nice” guys out there, but the trick is finding them. I think I have found one. Plus, no one is perfect. We all have out not so nice moments.

  2. *our
    We all have our not so nice moments. 🙂

  3. i have a nice guy and a good guy- i don’t know, you have to know it when you see it, and be able t identify it, not let him get away..
    also if you get them while they’re young they tend to be less jaded.

  4. yeah maybe they exist somewhere in the abyss

  5. I think nice guys are plentiful. And i know many in the New York area! However, I agree with S. and the dating process specifically lends itself to those nice moments. What’s a nice guy supposed to do when he doesn’t like someone? Just because you are nice doesn’t mean you know how to nicely and maturely hurt someone’s ego.

  6. I think there are plenty of nice guys, but we don’t always notice them. Don’t nice girls tend to go for the jerks and then complain they can never find a nice guy? Maybe that’s just me. Also, like other have said, I think people can play different roles depending on the relationship. Even nice people can be jerks sometimes.

    I think I have found a nice guy, actually. So far he seems to be one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. Normally I wouldn’t go for that, but I guess I’m maturing or something. I have to say, I’m proud of myself for finally liking a ‘nice guy!’

  7. after spending 23 years in this big city, i can conclude that nice guys at THIS age are practically nonexistent. An inelastic supply (did i REALLY just make an econ reference)?

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