Miss March Rates the Prep Date: A


Chocolate Munch Gluten-Free Nana's Cookie Bars. The love of my life.

I’ve been requested to give details about The Prep date…

…but before we begin, I thought I’d share a piece of my life with you and show you my garbage. This could be the reason I’ve gained weight lately (that and my fruit juice addiction). This picture is a bag of empty Nana’s bar boxes. Nana’s bars are a vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, “cookie” bar that comes five in a box and is like heaven to me. They are simply amazing. And, as you can see, I’ve overdosed on them. Just thought I’d share. I’m quitting, cold turkey. I can’t even have them around cause I’ll have like a box a day. Sigh.

Okay, as for the date with The Prep. We met up at around 9:30. Got some coffee. We were very comfortable with each other from the start. He’s adorable with fantastic blue eyes and a set of dimples that are to die for. We sat in Starbucks and chatted a while and then walked around town. It was a brisk night, but not too cold, so we sat on a bench and traded college stories. He really likes to talk.

After that we went to his car, because it was getting late, and we listened to music and laughed a lot. He’s a funny person, for sure. He knows how to crack a joke, and he had great stories to tell. I wasn’t nervous around him. He even let me hold his Crackberry the whole night so he couldn’t check it. I thought that was cute.

Even cuter was when he said he was going to bring me apple juice (again with the juice, Miss March…) instead of flowers because he knew how much I liked juice (seriously, I have a problem). He didn’t bring either, but it’s the thought that counts.

It was getting late, for a school night, and we still hadn’t kissed. Finally, Crocidile Rock came on the radio and I told him that if he guessed the singer, he could kiss me. He guessed it. He kissed me. It was sweet. I felt like I was sixteen again.

I really liked being with him, he’s very sweet and silly. Very cute and smart. Here’s the problem, he lives in The City, and I live in the country. I told this to one of my teacher friends today and she said, “Hell, living in The City is like living in a different country, as far as I’m concerned.” She’s right. It’s hard for me to find time to get into The City and see people; I have barely enough time to see my friends who live there.

The Prep date gets an A: fun, sweet, smart, fun to be with. We still are talking a lot; he’s definitly into Miss March. I’d like to see him again, for sure. I just don’t know when. But, in the meantime, it’s fun to crush on him.

Anyone else have a date-rate to share?


One response to “Miss March Rates the Prep Date: A

  1. Completely unrelated …. but this song is utterly amazing: Electric Feel (justice remix) by MGMT. Enjoy when you have the time/space to DANCE FREELY.

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