Miss March Reads The Ethics Section…

From Sunday’s New York Times Magazine, The Ethicist section,

Minutes before my first lunch date with a man I met online, he called to cancel because he was hit by a bicycle and was in the emergency room at Roosevelt Hospital. I later called the E.R. to check on him, and a nurse said he was never there. Weeks after that, I heard about another woman with whom he used the same excuse: hit by a bike; in the E.R. Is it dater beware, or is there an obligation to be honest even online? — BETH ROSE FEUERSTEIN, LONG BEACH, N.Y.

Sounds all too familiar, no?

Beware: men using bicycle accidents as excuses!

To quote myself, about MusicTeach, from July 18th, 2008:

On Thursday I got two text messages from him. One was asking me to come talk to him online. The next said that he had gotten into a sports accident and his face was beaten up. I came online and we chatted. He thanked me for checking in with him and told me that he hadn’t even told his parents’ yet (so I was the first person he told?) and that he was “in hiding and would be for the next few days.” He didn’t make any mention of our day together, which I found odd. Later that night we talked online again. Again, he talked about his accident and told me, three more times, using different terms, that he would be unavailable for a few days because of his accident.

The accident he was referring to was a bike accident. He apparently biked right into a tree and scarred himself up horribly (think: Quasi Modo). However, when I recently saw him, although it had been some time since “the accident,” he had made it sound like he was scarred for good. Did I see any scars? Negative.

Does anyone know this Beth Rose Feurstein? I would love to find out this guy’s name! She also poses a great question, is there an obligation to be honest, even online? I say of course there is–but, apparently many people don’t have the same morals in the real world as they do on the ‘net (or maybe they do, and that’s doubly scary!)


4 responses to “Miss March Reads The Ethics Section…

  1. There is always a moral obligation to be honest for YOURSELF, if not for the person you are lying to.
    BTW, I met my husband online and have been happily married for nearly 2 years. It can happen!

  2. Huh? I’m a bit confused…If you’re a moral person then
    you just don’t lie.
    BTW…I did actually call Gawker.com..at their
    tipster hotline and left a message for Gabriel
    Snyder…the blog editor. He accused Randy
    Cohen of “stealing the letter from the Social Q ” columnist
    then had the audacity to say I was trying out for
    the “big time”,,,,because I wanted to see my name in
    print. I told Snyder via voice mail that isn’t that the
    case with him (snyder) and any journalist worth his
    salt ? I also recommended that he check his facts
    and do some research before he accused Cohen of
    filching material. I also said that yes indeedy..I wrote both
    letters. What can I say….I do like to see my name in print..don’t we all?

  3. Miss march I do enjoy your blog and I have to share that I went through a similar experience that you went through with MusicTeach where a boy claimed he had a car accident and got hurt. My experience happened a little less than 1 yr ago. I’d like to think the car accident was true, but who knows and I don’t really have any proof to go either way. Since when did injury become okay to lie about? le sigh. I still do believe there are some honest and quality men out there though.

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