About Miss March

Welcome to Miss March About Town; thanks for stopping by!

Miss March is an early 20’s small town teacher
figuring out life one day at a time by pretending it’s
all one big sociology experiment.

The names on Miss March About Town have been changed to protect the sometimes guilty, sometimes innocent, and often goofy, people in Miss March’s life.


8 responses to “About Miss March

  1. I love your site! We have lots of similar dating stories even though we are different generations. Glad to know I’m not the only one who got the ‘we’ thing. Cheers!

    • well Ive been doing some website surfing…I actually googled my own name..and had to laugh at some of your postings. Specifically the music teacher who ended up running into a tree while on his bike. I was taken to task by some people because I had called the ER when my date had told me he was hit by a bike.
      Happily. and happy to report….I am happily married now …and an avid biker….and I can report…Im never hit by other bikes….although I’ve had a few near misses courtesy of cars in Long Beach who apparently don’t enjoy sharing the road!!!! So here I am…..are you still blogging and have you met Mr. Right
      (excuse the lack of a question mark ….but I wore my question mark key out…guess I ask too many questions!!!!
      Beth Rose Feuerstein Macht

  2. Ha! That is an awesome photo!

  3. Your entries crack me up. Sometimes funny, sometimes wacky, always wishing you wrote just a little more. In all, I’m glad you’re blogging and I’m glad I came across to read it. You lead a crazy life, Miss March.
    Safe travels

  4. Yes it is moi!!! The guy’s name is/was ***** if you email me I will give you his name
    (was he altered??? haha). I never heard from him after
    I busted him… (oops…I did actually hear from him. He stated that he WOULD NOT
    provide a doctor’s note to me because obviously I
    didn’t trust him and he would like to ask me for m y
    birth certificate to prove who I was!! That’s twisted
    Logic isn’t it????

  5. Hi! Are the people who post on gawker always nasty? (well not always but most of the time?)

  6. Are the people who post on Gawker generally nasty and attacking?

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