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Miss March Says “Hey You”?

We call him Casey because he's the younger brother and looks somewhat like junior Mr. Affleck!

So, I can’t remember if we ever discussed Casey or not, but suddenly, he’s reemerged. Casey, named for Ben Affleck’s little brother, is the younger brother of my Uncle’s best friend. Casey is 29, has a great job, an interesting life, and was set up by my Uncle to go out with me on a “pity date” (which wasn’t really a pity date at all) in August this past summer. The funny thing about Casey is that our lives have had the same trajectory; we went to the same middle school, same high school, and lived in the same town our whole lives, but never met. I’m super tight with his older brother, my Uncle’s best bud, because my Uncle is only 10 years older than me and more like a big brother than an uncle.

Anyway, we went out on this great date in early August. We laughed, we got along, we clicked in a lot of ways. We were on the date so long (why do I have epic dates?) that we closed the restaurant down. He was impressed that I’m an entrepreneur, and I think he was impressed that although I’m a tad younger than he is, I could hold my own. Overall, I don’t think he expected to have such a good time. We facebook messaged a little after that; a few texts about meeting up, which never happened, and then the ball was dropped. I chocked it up to the fact that there was too much pressure if anything ever did happen with us; our families are close, it would be a huge deal if anything actually happened with us, and I’m sure he realized that too and that’s why he dropped the ball.

Well, last night, I’m getting ready to go out with CB, and all of the sudden I get a facebook message from Casey, “Hey you! How’s business?”

Well, it only took you three months to respond.

I gave it a day and responded with a usual “life’s good” response. Mentioned nothing of seeing him.

But, here’s my question, what’s with the “hey you”? I, personally, find, in general, that “hey you” is very intimate, slightly sexy. It’s like “hey, I’m cornering you out to say hello and thinking just of you.” “Hey you” is way different than just “hey.” “Hey” is so friendly and personable, but when you add the “you” to it it becomes more flirtatious and sexual; am I wrong here? What do we think of the “hey you” in general? Innocuous or flirtatious or what?


Miss March: T Writes from the Battlelines!

Hey all, special treat today! T‘s been online dating and I’ve asked her to share here with us, her first experience meeting a man she met online. I’ll be back in the next few days! Thanks T!

I have a confession.

Well, I guess, a couple. The first is that I am currently watching the My Super Sweet Sixteen Movie. Don’t judge me!  The second is much bigger, and only a few of my closest friends know.

I am a registered user on not just one, but two online dating sites. I have a profile on each. After getting my heart broken about a year and a half ago, dating a really great guy for about 4 months somewhere in there (who unfortunately could never be more than a rebound, though I did care for him very much and wish him all the best), this is the first time I’m really coming to terms with the idea that I am actually, finally ready for a relationship.  However I work in a creative field a little bit void of straight men, and thus… dating sites. Which I swore I would never do, after a jarring experience last September.

From this, I met TheLawyer.  He is the only one I have had a date with so far. Let me tell you a tale… gather ’round, friends of Miss March.

If you ask any of my friends, they will tell you – while laughing – that I have a type. I like them maybe a few pounds overweight (negotiable), glasses, a big smile, bearded/stubbled (which is funny because I hate facial hair typically, however every man I’ve loved has had it!), and an intellectual.  So when Lawyer messaged me, it seemed like a hit. He was funny, a bit of a geek about music, older, glasses, stubbled, and smart. A slightly bearded bespectacled intellectual. After exchanging some e-mails and a few flirty gchats, I happily agreed to meet him for a drik after work on Wednesday.

It started off well enough – he set the place for where we’d meet.  In my group, I am typically the one making arrangements, so it felt great to take a break from it. I met up with him, and on a purely (and ashamedly) superficial level – he’s so short. My height. And I’m little. The place he found was totally packed, so we crossed the street to a sort of more upscale place. He was impossible to talk to in person, I felt like I had to pull the conversation out of him. However, I eventually got him started on a topic he was interested in – the neighborhoods of Brooklyn. Or, more specifically, the transportation benefits of the various neighborhoods in Brooklyn. He listed every bus and subway that goes to Brooklyn Heights, and making sure to mention that was where he lived with his ex girlfriend… and he knew how long ago they had broken up to the day. Literally. He was very condescending about the fact that I was younger than him, and when I tried to talk about economic policy with him, he dismissed my ideas because I was young. He finished by telling me that he’s been on the Atkins diet for deveral years (despite that he’s very thin) and proceeded to give me tips for how to do it myself.

So, he turned out to kind of be an asshole. I’ve been talking to a couple other guys, and hopefully my dates with them will be more promising. However, as my first real attempt back out there, newly healed heart and mind… it was a little jarring. Will they all be so surly?? Please say no!

Miss March Loves Deli Food

Sorry I’ve been so MIA lately–with grades and comments due, things are sort of nutty in crazy-town for Miss March.

CB and I HAVE to get kosher deli food before he leaves!

So, I saw CB last night (after a week where we were both away) and had a great time. He’s going back home for a while soon, so we went over the list of things we “want to accomplish” before he goes away. This list includes going out for kosher food, attending a hockey game, going go-kart racing, bowling, making dinner, and some other meaningless things like helping me pick out a GPS. He is indeed coming back in January, but a part of me feels like it’s ending when he goes away. A month is a long time for people who have only been seeing each other for close to three months (though, even three months with him feels like a great accomplishment! Remember when he was just a name on my screen? Ah, the good ol’ days!). I am really going to miss him. I know he’s not the one for me, but he’s a great guy, and I do love spending time with him.

Anyway, as I was getting in my car yesterday I said to him, “let’s go on a date soon!” (By the by, let me get the distinction right for you, as he puts it, we are people who “hang out and go on dates” but are not dating. Right-o.) As the words came out of my mouth I realized that I don’t need to go out on a “date” with him because of two things:

a) My favorite times with him are lying around watching Rescue Me, Arrested, Scrubs, and How I Met Your Mother. It’s at these times that we end up having semi-serious life discussions, our goofiest (love the word goofiest) times, and most sincere moments.

b) Neither of us have the money to spend to go out to dinner or The City or what not.

Yet, I do still like going out and doing new things. The museum near us has laser-light shows which may be fun; we could go apple-picking (though I mentioned this and he said, “I don’t really get it. What’s the point? Where’s the fun? Can I climb the trees?”). I need some good ideas for super-cheap (see: FREE) dates. While I love lying around and being silly, sometimes putting on something other than sweats (though, I must be super comfortable with him that I am happy wearing sweats around him…on a regular basis) and going out and doing something new. I find doing new things together super romantic; you’re both in the same boat, trying new things, seeing new sights. Part of me really wanted to go away for the weekend with him. I think we could both use the time away and I’d love to just be away with him and no distractions. Yet, we have no money to go away….Ideas on cheap dates? Fun things to do within ones home?

Question I’ve been getting a lot lately: are you seeing anyone else? Sure. Sort of. I don’t consider myself “seeing” CB–we’re friends, albeit, special friends. I’ve been talking to The Prep a lot. But, as we discussed, it’s been so hard to see him (uh, anywhere except train stations, apparently). He’s a very sweet guy, but I’m not sure about how realistic dating him would be.

Speaking of, I canceled my account. I have like five more days on it. I’m really okay with this. I’ll still have my account, but I won’t be able to get emails or anything. T is trying a few new dating websites which she’ll update us on soon!

Anything new in your life? Cheap date ideas? Rants? Raves? Do tell!

Miss March Rates the Prep Date: A


Chocolate Munch Gluten-Free Nana's Cookie Bars. The love of my life.

I’ve been requested to give details about The Prep date…

…but before we begin, I thought I’d share a piece of my life with you and show you my garbage. This could be the reason I’ve gained weight lately (that and my fruit juice addiction). This picture is a bag of empty Nana’s bar boxes. Nana’s bars are a vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, “cookie” bar that comes five in a box and is like heaven to me. They are simply amazing. And, as you can see, I’ve overdosed on them. Just thought I’d share. I’m quitting, cold turkey. I can’t even have them around cause I’ll have like a box a day. Sigh.

Okay, as for the date with The Prep. We met up at around 9:30. Got some coffee. We were very comfortable with each other from the start. He’s adorable with fantastic blue eyes and a set of dimples that are to die for. We sat in Starbucks and chatted a while and then walked around town. It was a brisk night, but not too cold, so we sat on a bench and traded college stories. He really likes to talk.

After that we went to his car, because it was getting late, and we listened to music and laughed a lot. He’s a funny person, for sure. He knows how to crack a joke, and he had great stories to tell. I wasn’t nervous around him. He even let me hold his Crackberry the whole night so he couldn’t check it. I thought that was cute.

Even cuter was when he said he was going to bring me apple juice (again with the juice, Miss March…) instead of flowers because he knew how much I liked juice (seriously, I have a problem). He didn’t bring either, but it’s the thought that counts.

It was getting late, for a school night, and we still hadn’t kissed. Finally, Crocidile Rock came on the radio and I told him that if he guessed the singer, he could kiss me. He guessed it. He kissed me. It was sweet. I felt like I was sixteen again.

I really liked being with him, he’s very sweet and silly. Very cute and smart. Here’s the problem, he lives in The City, and I live in the country. I told this to one of my teacher friends today and she said, “Hell, living in The City is like living in a different country, as far as I’m concerned.” She’s right. It’s hard for me to find time to get into The City and see people; I have barely enough time to see my friends who live there.

The Prep date gets an A: fun, sweet, smart, fun to be with. We still are talking a lot; he’s definitly into Miss March. I’d like to see him again, for sure. I just don’t know when. But, in the meantime, it’s fun to crush on him.

Anyone else have a date-rate to share?

Miss March Does Date Night: Preppy Style

The Non-Iron oxford from Brooks Brothers: a staple in the Prep's wardrobe.

Major Thursday shout out to Ryan from Single-ish! He linked me up on today’s post about talking about sex with men. Thanks Ryan! (and if you ever want to go out for a drink…you know where to find me, not wearing my polka-dotted dress.

Well, it’s daaaaaaaaaate night. Yep, tonight is date night with The Prep. We’ve talked either through text/IM/phone every day since we were set-up. I work with his cousin, and she was super excited for us to meet. He seems to be nice, yet semi-odd, but aren’t they all? Take for example, this conversation we had online last night (oh, how this generation dates is just so weird):

Me: Well, I made myself oatmeal cookies tonight. Healthy ones.

Him: I love u

Me: Huh?

Him: ur just so cute.

Wow, I’ve heard of saying I love you on the first date, but dropping the ILY pre-date? Balls, man. See, that’s where he can get weird: on the internet. He just puts on this fifteen year old boy persona and I have a feeling (let’s cross our fingers) that that’s not really what he’s like.

He’s coming out from The City to see me/visit his parents. We’re meeting up really late (okay, 10PM has been late for me since school started) for coffee or something. I’m not sure what to wear; the mother figure suggested a black polo with the collar popped, pink khakis and a Vera Bradly belt. Oh so preppy on my part.

Damnit, it just started raining. I’ll let you know how it goes with The Prep. Anyone else got dates tonight? Do tell!

Thanks again, Ryan!

Miss March May be Crazy

The amazing and incomparable Stevie Wonder once sang, “When you believe in things that you don’t understand then you suffer, superstition ain’t the way.” I’m a pretty superstitious person, when it really comes down to it. I remember the day my grandfather passed away, I was getting dressed to go to the hospital and I thought to myself, “Welp, whatever outfit I put on this second I can never wear again because something bad may happen.” Call me crazy, I’m sure, but doesn’t everyone have certain “lucky socks” or “lucky underwear” that they wear when they need the extra vote of confidence? I know that I have my amazing plaid shirt; I don’t know if it’s lucky or not, but it makes me feel beautiful, which in turn gives me confidence, which therefore helps do the things which I want to do–and perhaps get a positive outcome. Luck or confidence booster? Both?

This puppy has her own black and white polka dotted dress for dates!

And then it’s the other way around. There’s the clothes which, like the outfit I wore to see my grandfather, I can never wear happily again. Thus the story of the polka-dotted dress which is now forever ruined in my mind and is a total shame because I love it. Why is it totally ruined in my mind? I wore it on the last date with MusicTeach. It’s the dress that lay in the park with him and went out for seafood; and now in my mind, it’s the dress that came with the end of something (yes, and the beginning of other things too, I’m not that pessimistic!). It’s such a shame that I relate the dress back to him; it’s this amazing soft jersey black and white polka dotted Gap dress which fits me perfectly. I’ve washed it since him, sure, but I can’t get the mental stain to wash away.

Why am I harping on this now? Because I really want something cute to wear next time I go out with ColoradoBoy and that dress would be perfect…yet, I can’t stop thinking that if I wear the dress it’s going to end up being our last date. How sick is that? It’s okay, I know it’s crazy. But, I can’t seem to put the dress on. I’ll wear it to school, or you know, a family party, but definitely not on dates. It’s now become a non-date dress, instead of a perfect date dress.

Do you get weird about certain clothing in your life?

PS. I ended up making salsa burgers with sweet potato fries! So delicious!

Miss March Needs Your Help In The Kitchen!

Okay my amazing readers, Miss March needs YOUR help!

The other day when I was out with ColoradoBoy I sort of was talking outloud to myself (it was early in the morning, I can’t possibly be held accountable for the things I say before 9am!) and said, “Oh, you could come over sometime.” To which he said, “Invite me sometime.”

And so I did. For tomorrow night. For dinner.

Not only did/do I have to clean the house like a mad-woman, but I don’t have a single second to stop and think about having someone over. The mother-unit suggested I move the dinner to another night, but I don’t want to move a dinner just because I’ll be working all day. Life is life, right? I’ll come home from school, finish cleaning, food shop, and start dinner/get ready all in three hours. Can I do it? We’ll see.

This is where I need YOUR help!

What the hell is Miss March going to make for dinner?

Here’s the facts: he’s not a picky eater, but he is a healthy eater, like I am. I want something for the main course (meat), a fun vegetable, and something low key for another side. I’m a good cook, I know how to whip up a meal; unfortunately my head isn’t on food right now and my imagination for meal planning has gone out the window.

Since I’ll be out all day, please leave links, ideas, recipes, and HELP here for me to check when I get back from school. I’m sure you all have great ideas for easy meals for dates–share them, please!

I thank you in advance for bringing my stress level down two notches.