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Miss March: Celebrity Look-Alikes

So, I’ve been blogging for some months now and talking about all these different Boys on the Stoop and it dawned on me that, for the most part, no one knows what these boys look like. So, since it’s Saturday and I’m still trying to formulate my latest boy-thoughts into words, let’s do a little celebrity-look-alike of the Boys on the Stoop.

Stay tuned in the next couple of days for a special guest blogger!

Adam Ferrara looks pretty close to what The Admiral looks like!

So, we all know about Admiral Adama. College boyfriend, Captain America, future politician, sweetheart, and my best friend. I was watching Rescue Me the other night and actor/comedian Adam Ferrara came on the screen and looked just like the Admiral. That’s what actually “inspired” me to do this post.

This particular shot of Justin Timberlake looks like ColoradoBoy.

I thought long and hard about who CB looks like (quick review: met ColoradoBoy on, been hanging out for a few months, but he’s moving back to Colorado soon. Great guy, super funny, extremely smart.) He’s got this athletic look about him, so I’m sure there’s some football star who I’m unaware of, whom he looks like, but for now, I’m going to go with this comparison: CB looks like Justin Timberlakebut only in this picture. He doesn’t actually look like him, for the most part, in any other shot of JT. There’s something about the brow and the nose in this shot that are very reminiscent of CB. He also had a shaved head for a lot of our time together, so the head sort of looks like his.

Joaquin looks like a more happy version of MusicTeach.

Good Ol’ MusicTeach (remember him? Two-date spectacular, bike-accident, never to be heard from again?) looked exactly like Joaquin Pheonix. He had those same dark eyes, brooding look, dark hair and sort of twisted nose. He was very good looking, in that dark and mysterious way. However, when I saw him again, he didn’t look all that cute, so maybe I was just caught up in the moment? Anyway, either way, he most definitely resembled Joaquin.

Sean Palmer (Prince Eric) looks JUST like The Prep!

As for The Prep, there’s really just one image that comes to mind with him: Prince Eric. However, I wanted to give you a better depiction of him than a cartoon character; luckily, while I was researching Prince Eric, I came across the actor who plays him in the Broadway show of The Little Mermaid, Sean Palmer (also played Stanford Blatch’s boyfie in Sex and The City). Anyway, Sean Palmer resembles The Prep in a lot of ways; he has the strong nose, the dark hair, The Prep’s eyes are blue, but the face shape is very much the same. In fact, on closer inspection, they really do look very much alike.

I hope this helps bring these “characters” to life a little bit! I know I didn’t add all the men–but these are the ones I refer to most of the time (at least right now!). Who do the men in your life resemble?! Do tell!


Miss March Is Drained!

Today was one of those days.

Ed and Heba are staying strong together, even while they are living apart!

I sobbed during The Biggest Loser. I mean, this isn’t totally unusual for me; I usually cry while watching The Biggest Loser because I’m so moved by the weight loss stories, but this time it was a little different. See, this season it’s Biggest Loser Families, so some of the couples are husbands and wives. Tonight the first husband, Ed, was kicked off and while he was leaving, his wife, Heba, (they are newlyweds) was sobbing, like heaving, can’t catch your breath sobbing. It totally made me sob. BB looked at me from across the room and gave me a “for serious?” look. Yes, for serious. Heba was talking about how much she was going to miss him in bed (sidenote: do you think that the couples have sexual relations while on the show? I hope so, it’s a lot of calories burned!), and Ed gave this beautiful speech about how she’s the light of his life….I’m such a sucker for using terms like “light” or “sunshine” while speaking romantically.

Remember when I was so stressed this summer that my eye twitched? Today’s stress level was on par with that. Everything was just crazy, moving at double or triple speed. I haven’t been sleeping enough, anyway, and today I found out that in two weeks Miss March has a conference to attend to…a two-night conference. However, I’m going with another teacher, so it’s going to be quite the Lucy and Ethel adventure (and let’s hope, for Miss March’s sake, that there’s some cute male teachers there!).

Tonight was one of those nights that I really wished I had a prince charming who would knock on the door with Chinese, tasti, and movies. It’s not that I was lonely, I just had a really long day and I would have loved for one of these men in my life to be like “hey, that girl had a long day, let me pamper her!” (I know, I’m out of my mind). It was one of those days where I felt totally drained from life and I just wanted someone to come along and help lift my spirits. You ever have those days? I did use my passive aggressiveness and changed my Facebook status to “Miss March decided this is what she wants: someone to bring her tasti with peanuts on top and watch her netflix with her. yup.” The Prep texted me and said, “I’d love to bring u tasti with peanuts on top and watch netflix.” I have to admit, as much as my feelings for him are sort of whatever, it was so nice to get that text and know that someone was thinking about what I may want.

Am I insane (or have I watched too many Rom-Coms?) to think that someday a man will go out of his way to make my day better?

Miss March is Label-less

Oh Em Gee: Holding Hands Despite a Breakup?!

So, I was browsing my usual gossip websites while snacking after school today and saw this. Woah. Breaking News. People are HOLDING HANDS. Stop the presses!

For some reason the “article” (Yes, readers, I am aware I am citing Us Magazine as an “article”) made me irrationally mad. Who cares what they’re doing despite that they said they broke up? Why do we need to highlight the fact that they are holding hands even though they claimed that they weren’t together any more? Why need labels? We say people are “together” or “apart” or “single” or “taken.” Why can’t we just “be us” and “be happy”?

If there’s one thing both my parents have taught me it’s that you can have a relationship with someone and don’t need to put any sort of label on it. In fact, as one of the Boys has stated, in quantum physics (oh, look at me sounding all science-y!), when you measure something (aka, a relationship) you automatically put a label on it. By measuring who you are with someone else, or what the two of you are, it’s labeling it as “something.” And when there’s a “something,” it’s going to be analyzed.

Why can’t people just “love”? What is this desire to label? Who cares if Jimmy and Sara decide to hold hands even though they aren’t engaged anymore? Maybe they still love each other or maybe they’re friends.

I’m so over labels. In general. Labels box you in; I don’t agree with fences. Why should I listen to someone else tell me that I have to be in a relationship to hold hands or can’t seriously date or fall in love with more than one person? Labels are for those who fear the un-labeled, if you get me.

So, go tear off your labels and walk around label-less; it’s super sexy. Label-less is the new black, didn’t you know?

Miss March on Perfect Spouses?

Marilyn Monroe held her own to her famous husband, Arthur Miller. She didn't have to try and be the "perfect wife" at their dinner parties to help his career!

Anyone else see this article in today’s Style Section of The Times? It’s about how playing the role of the “perfect spouse” is imperative to your significant other obtaining a high level job. Fantastic. Except that 99% of the article is about wives being the perfect little speciman to their husbands; they cited about two examples of husbands’ having to behave and the rest of the article is about how wives can ruin their husbands’ chances of getting a job because of their “bad behavior.” I thought it was a totally throw-back, sexist article. Why is it that women have to put on a front and “behave” for their husbands’ work people but men can just be themselves? Thoughts? Do tell!

Miss March: Another One (2?) Bites the Dust…

So long, Mr. Amazing Eyes, we will surely miss you...

Before we begin, let’s say a moment of silence for one of the world’s most handsome and wonderful men, Paul Newman.

So, I got a weird text while teaching the other day. It was Coheed. The text said, “Hey, what’s up?” which isn’t an odd text per se, but in context it sort of is. See, back this summer when we went out a few times we had said that we were going to go away together to the inn his parents’ own in early October. Well, I hadn’t heard from him for most of the later part of August; then, in mid-September he had this party at the inn and didn’t invite me, so I sort of wrote him off for the time being, as per our usual messed up relationship ways.

I responded to the text with a “not much, in school, the usual.” And he responds with, “I have a girlfriend now.”

Um, okay?

This sort of came as a shock to me, not because I care all that much (I mean, he lives five hours away, how plausible is that? Plus, he didn’t like the idea of me not “settling down” with him and dating other guys), but I honestly didn’t think that there was any other girl in the picture. I asked some things, like who was she and how old; he said he had been hanging out with her for all of August and just decided to be “exclusive” and she was 21–old enough, he pointed out, to go to a bar with him. Awesome.

I asked him (this was all through text, mind you) what the point of being exclusive was if he didn’t really see them having a future (he said) and he said, “why not?” I told him that the next time I’m settling down for good will be when there’s a ring put on my finger (proverbially); I told him that I didn’t think I’ve meet “Mr. Right” right, hence I’m not settling down.

To which he responded, “You have met him. He lives upstate.” He was talking about himself.

Mr. Exclusivity was still flirting with me (he even told me we’d have to put off our “time together” til next time he’s single) even though he just became exclusive with this other girl. That didn’t feel right to me. It also didn’t feel like the real Coheed talking. I know that he adores me, and part of him really wants to be with me; but, I also know that he takes real issue in me not settling down anytime soon.

But, why text me in the middle of the day (when you know I’m working) to tell me “I have a girlfriend”? It’s not my business, really. He asked if I was seeing anyone and I said no. It’s not his business either.

I also just love how this whole thing was conducted through text message. This has been the way with Coheed and me for nearly 8 years. Back and forth, yet, never really getting anywhere. Someone is always in a relationship. He’s definitely a serial monogamist. I think he feels unsure of himself when he doesn’t have someone to think of. It was almost like a breakup text, but it was like breaking up our potential to get together sometime? How confusing.

Have you ever gotten a weird/odd/confusing text from an (t)ex(t)?

Miss March Loves Paul Simon

It’s song lyric Saturday!

Before we get into today’s lyrics, however, let’s do a little upDate:

Went out with ColoradoBoy last night; he was very nervous and it was adorable. He has this amazing smile, so it was fun (and handsome!) when he finally calmed down and started laughing. We hung out at this bar in town for a while; when it became late, we walked to my car and he looked up at the sky and pointed out constellations (he’s a physics/astronomy person). It was really fun and romantic, but he hadn’t really been flirty when we were talking before the date, and while I did the normal hand-touching-arm flirt when I like someone, he hadn’t reciprocated any of the affection. We were standing there, looking up at the sky and he asked me my stance on kissing on the first date. I did my usual coy, hands-in-pockets, dance around it and he came and kissed me. It was extremely sweet. I asked him when he knew he wanted to kiss me and he said from the moment he saw me. He reminds me of SilverSpoon, but with less rough edges. Perhaps it’s the difference between men from Colorado and Texas. SilverSpoon had a certain game about him, there was a flirtatious push and pull; but, ColoradoBoy isn’t about games, he’s just out there, funny, sweet, and really, really silly. You don’t mess with silly. He’s going to Colorado next week for a week, so we’ll see how much we keep in touch, but it’s really nice to know there’s someone out there that isn’t pushy or plays games, they just like to laugh. You’d be surprised, but the more I date, the more it seems that those men are few and far between.

Anyway, today’s song lyrics are actually a lyric from one of my favorite songs, Paul Simon‘s Train In the Distance; the whole song is a love story about a man and woman, from the time he catches sight of her, to when they get together, to the demise of their love. The lyric I chose from this song is actually one of my favorite song lyrics ever,

“Two disappointed believers/Two people playing the game/Negotiations and love songs/Are often mistaken for one and the same.”

I mean, how much more beautiful and clear could he have said it? Negotiations and love songs ARE very often mistaken for one and the same. I’ve found myself in past relationships thinking this very question, is this a negotiation I’m making or am I doing this out of love? And, Paul is right, it is a game, life is a game, love is a game, but it depends on who the players are that either make the game exciting and fun, or loathsome and scary.

Did you go on any dates last night? What’s the song lyric that often resonates in your head?

Miss March on Her Fav Boy

Baby Brother is Home!

Baby Brother is Home!

Well, it’s August 5th today which means the number one man in my life is finally home: Baby Brother. He’s been in France for the summer and he just arrived back, voice deeper, skin smooth, and a very French gait about him. There’s nothing like being an older sister and having this Baby Brother who is taller than you; he’s a one-of-a-kind human being. Over the years he’s been introduced to many of my and J’s exes, friends, dates, etc. and with each one I know he’s been watching, keeping his eye on his big sisters, and keeping close watch over the relationships. He’s seen what’s made us smile, which boys made us cry, and who we ended up letting stick around. I hope, I think, he’s learned a lot from watching me make mistakes; I have a feeling he’s going to be a great boyfriend to some lucky lady someday. And I can’t wait to watch him build relationships and see who he’s going to let into his life. For now, I’m content to hear all about his French travels!

By the by, to clear things up: I’m not actually going to publicly slander MusicTeach’s name, but the animal-instinct in me really desires to.

In other news, I’ve decided to go to a concert this weekend and I’m sort of intent on making sure I meet the singer; it’s a small venue, with a semi-famous celebrity singer, and he’s wildly cute in that sort of dorky way. He’s 30, Jewish, and been in some things here and there. I’m going to go early, hang out at the bar, see if he’s around, and introduce myself. Have any of you ever “been” with a celebrity?

Also, I need a semi-adult, but sexy look for a date this week…any suggestions?