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Miss March: Celebrity Look-Alikes

So, I’ve been blogging for some months now and talking about all these different Boys on the Stoop and it dawned on me that, for the most part, no one knows what these boys look like. So, since it’s Saturday and I’m still trying to formulate my latest boy-thoughts into words, let’s do a little celebrity-look-alike of the Boys on the Stoop.

Stay tuned in the next couple of days for a special guest blogger!

Adam Ferrara looks pretty close to what The Admiral looks like!

So, we all know about Admiral Adama. College boyfriend, Captain America, future politician, sweetheart, and my best friend. I was watching Rescue Me the other night and actor/comedian Adam Ferrara came on the screen and looked just like the Admiral. That’s what actually “inspired” me to do this post.

This particular shot of Justin Timberlake looks like ColoradoBoy.

I thought long and hard about who CB looks like (quick review: met ColoradoBoy on, been hanging out for a few months, but he’s moving back to Colorado soon. Great guy, super funny, extremely smart.) He’s got this athletic look about him, so I’m sure there’s some football star who I’m unaware of, whom he looks like, but for now, I’m going to go with this comparison: CB looks like Justin Timberlakebut only in this picture. He doesn’t actually look like him, for the most part, in any other shot of JT. There’s something about the brow and the nose in this shot that are very reminiscent of CB. He also had a shaved head for a lot of our time together, so the head sort of looks like his.

Joaquin looks like a more happy version of MusicTeach.

Good Ol’ MusicTeach (remember him? Two-date spectacular, bike-accident, never to be heard from again?) looked exactly like Joaquin Pheonix. He had those same dark eyes, brooding look, dark hair and sort of twisted nose. He was very good looking, in that dark and mysterious way. However, when I saw him again, he didn’t look all that cute, so maybe I was just caught up in the moment? Anyway, either way, he most definitely resembled Joaquin.

Sean Palmer (Prince Eric) looks JUST like The Prep!

As for The Prep, there’s really just one image that comes to mind with him: Prince Eric. However, I wanted to give you a better depiction of him than a cartoon character; luckily, while I was researching Prince Eric, I came across the actor who plays him in the Broadway show of The Little Mermaid, Sean Palmer (also played Stanford Blatch’s boyfie in Sex and The City). Anyway, Sean Palmer resembles The Prep in a lot of ways; he has the strong nose, the dark hair, The Prep’s eyes are blue, but the face shape is very much the same. In fact, on closer inspection, they really do look very much alike.

I hope this helps bring these “characters” to life a little bit! I know I didn’t add all the men–but these are the ones I refer to most of the time (at least right now!). Who do the men in your life resemble?! Do tell!


Miss March on Modern Nature

Happy November, everyone!

First of all, thank you for the great cheap date suggestions. However CB’s been acting a little odd lately, so we’ll see how many of these get done before he’s off West. Who knows!

Before I start in on Song Lyric Saturday I wanted to share a phenomonen that made me laugh. Ever since I started dating at sixteen years old, whenever I had a steady boyfriend, my mother would refer to him as my “friend.” Even with the Admiral, who I dated for close to four years, she would introduce him or refer to him as “Miss March’s friend.” I didn’t mind it because I knew it was just her (and my grandma’s) style. However, when I started “dating” CB, I made it very clear to my mother that we weren’t “together”–we were friends, and he was not my boyfriend. Cut to the other night, my mother was at the doctor with me and said something to the doctor about my “boyfriend.” I whipped my head around to my mom and shook my head. “Uh, he’s not–” Mommy just cut me off and kept on talking. I laughed inside my head. Of course she would refer to the guy I made it clear was most certainly not my boyfriend AS my boyfriend. This only got awkward when I mentioned going on dates and the doctor said, “A little birdy told me that you have a boyfriend! How does he feel about you dating?” Um, he feels fine because HE’S. NOT. MY. BOYFRIEND. I know exactly why my mother does this, too. When there is a guy I’m serious about, she doesn’t want to add to the seriousness of it and inadvertenly push me into getting more serious with him because she refers to him as my boyfriend. However, when there’s a guy she knows I’m no where close to being serious about, she feels it’s safe to refer to him as my boyfriend because it’s not going to sway me into becoming more serious with him. It’s a very confusing theory. Do your mothers do anything like this?

Sondre Lerche is super adorable, no?

Today’s song lyrics come from the Dan In Real Life soundtrack. The whole soundtrack is original songs by Sondre Lerche and many of them are duets with amazing women singers, like Regina Spektor. Not only do I love the movie Dan In Real Life, but I adore Sondre Lerche. Fun fact: years ago J and I went to see Jason Mraz and Sondre opened for him. He’s very, very cute in person. These lyrics are to the song, “Modern Nature.” I love this song because of this one line, “We’ll just have to wait and see, if things go right, we’re meant to be.” I feel like I adhere to this belief a lot of the time; everyone is searching aimless for their “soulmate” but you may not know someone is your soulmate until you live a life with them and look back and realize, hey that worked, we must be meant to be!

Modern Nature

The moment has come to face the truth
I’m wide awake and so are you
Do you have a clue what this is (I don’t know)
Are you everything that I’ve missed? (I don’t hope so)
We’ll just have to wait and see (wait and see)
If things go right, we’re meant to be

The surface is gone. I scratched it off
We made some plans. I let them go
Do you have the slightest idea (No I don’t)
Why the world is bright when you’re near
Stay awhile and wait and see (wait and see)
If things go right, we’re meant to be

Oh, what a world this life would be
Forget all your technicolour dreams
Forget modern nature
this is how it’s meant to be

The time is here for being straight
It’s not too early and never too late
People say I should watch my pace (What do they know?)
“Think how you spend all your days” (They all say so)
They’ll just have to wait and see (Wait and see)
If things go right they’ll have to agree

Happy Saturday, everyone. Anyone got any good plans?

Miss March Doesn’t Confront the Past (and is okay with that!)

So, it finally happened.

Last night CB and I went to see Religulous (which was awesome, by the way). We had a lot of time to kill, so we sat outside (the smell of Fall was just in the air!) the indie movie theater and talked about life for a while.  We were watching people walk by when all of the sudden I had this weird premonition. If you know me, you know that I tend to get flashes of premonitions once in a while and then all of the sudden the thing will happen.

Well, sure enough. Out of the corner of my eye I see this tan baseball cap. I look at the face and my stomach dropped.

“Um, that may or may not be the guy who screwed me over this summer,” I whispered to CB.

He asked if I wanted to go inside and see if it was him, but I really didn’t. I was super confused. All I wanted to do all summer was confront him (especially if he was with another girl, which he was), but now I couldn’t even recognize his face. Was it him? Was it not him? We walked into the lobby and I sort of followed him into the snack area. It felt good knowing that CB was just a few feet behind me. I walked over to the snack counter and tried to get a closer view of his face. When he turned around, I knew.

Well, if it isn’t good old, MusicTeach.

I looked back to CB (and side note: did I feel bad watching this guy on my “date” with CB? A little. Did CB understand my need to do it? Completely. Hence, he’s my friend first) and he waved me on.

What would I say? Go up to him and be like, “Hey asshole?” I still wasn’t even 100% sure it was him. What was wrong with me that I couldn’t remember it was him? However, as they say in Pushing Daisies (love it!), The facts were these: wearing the same baseball cap, same body type, same brooding eyes, hair color…and earlier in the night I thought I had seen his car in town, but had blocked it from my memory. The only thing which didn’t match up for me was his nose, but he had a weird nose anyway (and according to the “account” from him, he messed up his nose in that “biking accident” he had; the accident which supposedly scarred him…did I see any scars? Yeah, no).

I sat down next to CB and MusicTeach walked right by; he looked me right in the eye and showed no sign of recognition. Yes, my hair was up, and he never saw it that way, and yes, I was wearing a fleece and jeans, and he only saw me in shorts and dresses…um, but, no sign in his eyes? Maybe my readers were right (see comment: “something is just off about this music teacher guy. i would stay away”…to which I didn’t really listen) and there was something seriously off about him. He was with a blond girl. I called J and she gave the same response CB gave: go throw something in his face. Ha, I wish. However, looking back in retrospect, I’m glad I didn’t say or do anything; who knows what his reaction may have been.

Also, I’m glad I didn’t go up to him and say the wrong thing; or get nervous and look like a fool. I was actually pretty calm about the whole thing. It was funny, too, because I sent out a mass text to J, T, and A about it, and also sent it to Admiral Adama. He was the first to respond, and he asked if I was okay and was CB with me. It was a really nice text to get from him. Yes, this whole debacle was on my mind the whole night. I knew it was going to happen. I just knew it. I had that feeling.

Anyway, he looked crappy, and I was with a bigger, more handsome, and masculine man. Plus, I looked all adult in my teacher clothes. He looked like a bum. Not for nothing, but that sort of brings a smirk to my face. I wonder if he recognized me at all. Or if he went home and thought, “I know her from somewhere…” (uh yeah, Musicteach, you spent over $300 on dinner for me…and a book…and cds…).

One of the reasons I love this blog is because while writing this entry, I was looking back on my old posts about MusicTeach. Boy, was I in denial about that. He was a jerk. However, I was duped. He really led me on (you don’t talk to someone from midnight to 8am on the phone about your life and then pretend it never happened, right?) in many ways. He also made me feel like an idiot, and screwed up my trust in other men. Bravo, MusicTeach.

All in all, one of the weirdest nights, ever.

Did anyone else have a weird night? I’m going to go read my horoscope and see if it says anything about this weird energy!

Miss March Loves Neil Simon

So, the other day I watched Neil Simon‘s The Goodbye Girl for the first time. I love, love, love Neil Simon’s work. He really understands the human emotions and relationships, yet somehow always makes everything seem so attainable and humorous.

Neil Simon's The Goodbye Girl with Richard Dreyfuss and Marsha Mason. So good.

There’s actually a few versions of The Goodbye Girl (including a Broadway musical with Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters…weird) but the one I saw was the 1977 version with Richard Dreyfuss and Marsha Mason (who was actually married to Simon). The movie is about a young mother who gets dumped and the apartment she was staying in was actually subleted to this man, Dreyfuss. She has no where to go, so he takes some pity on her and lets her stay (uh, rent free…) ; they hate each other in the beginning, but they end up falling in love.

I really liked this movie for multiple reasons. One reason was that Dreyfuss’s character isn’t supposed to be very good looking, sexy, etc. But, there’s a tenderness and gentleness to the way he treats Mason and her daughter that makes her fall in love with him. He genuinely loves her and can’t get enough of her. It’s funny to actually see, physically, throughout the movie, that his looks change, the more he falls in love with her. In the beginning of the movie you think to yourself, wow, I could never see myself with someone like him–he’s not that nice to her in the beginning, he’s annoying, brass, rude, and sort of mangy (shielding himself because in turn, she’s not nice to him, and he really does like her). But, when she lets herself trust him, and in turn, his feelings become apparent to her, you can totally see how madly in love he is, and you, the viewer, long for that sort of love. It’s funny that people can physically change right before your eyes, the more you fall for them. At first you’re not attracted to them, but the more you get to know them, and the more you see who they really are, the more attractive they can become. It’s funny how the human eye and mind work together. On the flipside, you ever have a guy be mean to you and suddenly they don’t look so hot anymore? That’s happened to me a lot. He’s attractive to start, but when his nastiness starts showing, suddenly his eyes bulge out more, his nose looks funny, and his mouth is too wide for his face. Again, maybe that’s the brain protecting us from future harm by making the mean boys look ugly and the nice boys look suddenly attractive. Thoughts?

The other reason I love this movie is because of this one line that Dreyfuss says to Mason at the end of the movie. The movie is called The Goodbye Girl because everyone always is leaving her. Well, at the end of the movie, Dreyfuss gets an acting gig for a month in California and he tells her that of course he’s coming back, but she doesn’t believe him. And he says something to her like (I can’t find the actual quote anywhere), “Why is it that the three men before me left without saying goodbye and yet I’m the one who gets the brunt of it all and I’m the one who’s actually coming back!?” It made me stop and think. We all have trust issues. It takes a long time to 100% trust someone; but it’s true that we (sometimes) lay the anger and blame for screwing us over on the next lover that comes along. Even though the new person is 100% trustworthy and amazing and loves us, we still harbor the trust issues from the people that came before the new person. It’s simply not fair to the new person, which is what Dreyfuss is saying, and the hurdle that we have to get over is putting the past behind us and trusting the new person. Trust is tricky; if someone breaks our trust, we’re not just angry at him/her, we’re mad at ourselves for trusting them in the first place. Therefore, when the next person comes along, we’re so wary of them, yet wanting to trust them at the same time. Even if they prove themselves clean and trustworthy, we still are in survival mode and our brain reminds us of the times we were hurt. It’s so hard to put those feelings away and trust the new person; but, in order to have a strong relationship, the bad feelings have to become lessons learned and not constant struggles.

Anyway, see The Goodbye Girl. It’ll make you laugh and cry. For real.

Hope everyone had a lovely labor day…summer is officially over.

Miss March on Comics

So, Miss March finally saw The Dark Knight. I have this underlying love for superhero movies; I love X-Men, Superman, Spiderman, and even though everyone laughs at me for it, I love Batman and Robin (uh, Chris O’Donnell in a tight suit? Yes please!). I was really impressed with TDK. I always love a good performance from Christian Bale, and Heath Ledger was super scary for a slight coulrophobic like me.

Two-Face in the Batman cartoon series...didn't want to spoil the movie for those who haven't seen it yet!

One of the other main characters in the movie was the infamous Two-Face. Two-Face is really Harvey Dent; a good, just man who basically sees the injustice in the world when The Joker ruins his life, and Dent’s body is scarred on one side, making him into Two-Face. He’s a sad character. He had everything going for him; he was the love of the city, the hero; he had a woman he adored; he had goals, hopes and dreams, and then The Joker ruins it all. At first Two-Face can handle it, and kills the people that actually caused the injustice to him, but, like any good villain, he soon starts harming the good people, because he’s mad that they didn’t suffer and lose like he did.

So, naturally, the dating-sociologist in my mind was working overtime during the movie. I walked away from the movie thinking about Harvey Dent/Two-Face; see, many comic book characters represent larger pictures of people in our actual world. They represent feelings, or conditions and these thoughts and ideas and representations are anthropomorphisized into the characters we all know and love/hate today. But, the other thing which is remarkable about comics is that the reader can interpret the characters motives and actions to apply to their own life. Thus, the reader almost becomes part of the story line, because in the reader’s mind, the villains and heroes have personal meaning to them.

When I hear the name Two-Face is makes me think of someone who not only started out one way and then became another, but someone who struggles with the two sides of themselves. We may see the person walk into the room from the side, so we see their good side, their happy side, their well-adjusted side; but, when they turn around, it becomes apparent that they have two sides. And not only that, but their two sides don’t get along, there’s a constant battle between good and evil, and it all occurs inside one mind.

Janus: the Roman god of gates and doors...the original Two-Face.

This reminds me of a certain type of boy I often meet. They start out really sweet, very kind, giving, and happy to be with you, listen to you, and be part of the team. Slowly though, they become nasty. They get angry when you can’t hang out, or they get overly mad about small things (I’ve never dated a guy like this, but encountered many). And, when you go out, and you have fun, they begin to resent you because you don’t have a constant battle inside you, and you have the ability to have fun, relax, and enjoy life. They resent your happiness simply because you have the ability to be happy without the other side of your face ruining the happiness or reminding the good side of your face what could and should have been. Resentment is a feeling which I think people need to talk about more. We get angry, sad, and nasty, but many times that’s from resenting someone for the simplest of things. We don’t like to talk about resentment because it makes us feel pathetic and vulnerable.

I hate nastiness. Nastiness implies a disrespect of the other person’s good feelings, and ability to rise above anger. Nastiness is a cop out. Anyone can be mean and nasty, that’s the easy part. It’s, like Batman does, turning the nastiness into betterment that is the hard part. Many people walk around with a two-face; on one side they fit into society, they’re well-adjusted, calm, and happy. On the other side though, they can’t deal, they resent the happy side of their face, they get overwhelmed, and then angry and mean. And, not only do they have the ability to be really nasty, but their body is in constant struggle to keep balance, so any time one side or the other wins, it’s an emotional shift. Just because someone doesn’t have the scars, doesn’t mean they aren’t walking around as a former Harvey Dent.

What comic book characters do you see in your life?

Miss March’s Sunday

Happy Sunday, all. I hope everyone is having a relaxing end of summer weekend.

Dimitri from Anastasia...cute.

I didn’t go out at all this weekend; except today, I sort of went on a “first date” to meet my cousin and her new boyfriend. It went well; he’s very nice and they seem like a good match. The only thing on my mind right now, to be honest, is buying this car. I test drove my top three yesterday and the search seems to be narrowing. I’ll let you know which one I buy when it happens!

Miss March from Face Your Manga!

Thought I’d do something a little silly today and show you the avatar I made on Face Your Manga; I was up too late the other night and bored, so I thought I’d give it a try. I love cartoon versions of people. For the longest time I had a crush on Dimitri in Anastasia; what cartoon character do you have a crush on? Prince Eric? Prince Charming? The Beast? Do tell! What did you do this weekend?

Miss March on Gaslighting

So, it’s Friday, but we’re going to do a Theory Thursday anyway.

I was thinking about mystery movies and how they could be applied to human inter-relationships; I mean, Hitchcock was the king of this. His movies were all about using people as pawns in the plot-line, which actually represented a larger picture about human nature, in general. Roald Dahl also toyed with people’s minds using the subtleties of human nature; all his characters seemed to be exaggerations of the worst part of the human mind (think: The Witches, or The Twits). But, the movie which always seems to freak me out the most is the 1944 version of Gaslight, starring Joseph Cotton and Ingrid Bergman. If you haven’t seen Gaslight, I highly recommend Netflixing it and watching it with some friends in a dark room. It’s juuuust on this side of scarring you mentally forever; you’re never going to go into a relationship with the same feelings of trust again.

Ingrid Bergman staring up at the dimming lights...

I don’t want to ruin it for you, but I’ll give you the gist. Gaslight is the story of this young woman, Paula, whose aunt has been murdered and the murderer ran away with the aunt’s very expensive and precious jewels. Flash forward some years and Paula is sent away to study opera with her aunt’s singing coach (what did they call them back then?) and she meets Gregory Anton, who, all in all seems like a nice dude. He pursuades her, not only to marry him, but to move back to the house in which her aunt was killed in (which had been boarded up with all their stuff inside) and to move all the reminders of her aunt up to the very secluded attic. After everything is boarded up in the attic is when things start to get freaky around the house. Not only does Gregory insist on Paula keeping a very secluded lifestyle, but he watches her like a hawk; she’s not allowed to go out or have people in (talk about abusive boyfriends!) Also, Paula starts losing things, but claims she knew exactly where she put them; she hears footsteps in the boarded up attic; pictures disappear from the walls of the house; and most of all, the gaslight in the house keeps slowly going down and down, dimming the house from all rooms. Because Paula starts to get afraid that she’s losing her mind, her maids start to look at her with disdain and pity, only causing Paula to further think she’s losing it.

I won’t tell you the rest of the story, but the term “gaslighting” someone comes from this movie (actually, the 1944 version is a remake, so it comes from the original). The term became so popular that it actually is used by the psychology world as a real term in diagnosing someone,

“Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse. It involves an increasing frequency of systematically withholding factual information from, and/or providing false information to the subject, having the gradual effect of making the victim anxious, confused, and less able to trust his or her own memory and perception. A variation of gaslighting, used as a form of harassment, is to subtly alter aspects of a victim’s environment, thereby upsetting his or her peace of mind, sense of security, etc.”

So, gaslighting someone can be a physical thing, the act of taking away, diminishing, hiding; it can also be a mental abuse, as in withholding information, providing false information. But, this is all to such an extreme, what about gaslighting someone almost without realizing you’re doing it, in effect, to ruin the relationship?

I’ve seen this happen a lot with relationships. Things are going okay with the two people, but inexplicably, one of the people starts to freak-out; either about being not serious enough, or too serious, or family problems, or wanting to settle down, and so they pull away. They don’t talk about their problems with their significant other, nor do they always, themselves, actually realize the problem. So, they may stop saying goodnight at the same time, or they may retreat to their own world, or may change little things in their life to signify their independence, or dependence, whatever they are trying to subconsciously make a point about. In effect, they are gaslighting their partner; the partner doesn’t know what’s going on in their head, or why these subtle changes are happening, but they notice, they always notice. And they start to freak out because these little changes or withholding behavior, or change in behavior, adds up. Like in the movie, the lights start to dim, and the problem becomes looming and large. And therefore, both people end up changing their behavior, one in response to the other, thus effecting their relationship, and probably not for the better.

My point is that gaslighting can happen whether we call it by it’s name or not. It’s the act of subtly changing oneself, whether done on purpose or not, and having it ultimately change the way the partner perceives us, and therefore the relationship as a whole. Granted, “gaslighting” can occur without the nefarious tones to it, sometimes people do just change, but if you don’t let the other person in on the changes, or your thoughts, you are in effect withholding information, with could possibly “drive them crazy” (used in the loosest form here) and cause the relationship to collapse.

Have you ever had someone “gaslight” you emotionally? Or have you done it to someone?