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Miss March Says “Hey You”?

We call him Casey because he's the younger brother and looks somewhat like junior Mr. Affleck!

So, I can’t remember if we ever discussed Casey or not, but suddenly, he’s reemerged. Casey, named for Ben Affleck’s little brother, is the younger brother of my Uncle’s best friend. Casey is 29, has a great job, an interesting life, and was set up by my Uncle to go out with me on a “pity date” (which wasn’t really a pity date at all) in August this past summer. The funny thing about Casey is that our lives have had the same trajectory; we went to the same middle school, same high school, and lived in the same town our whole lives, but never met. I’m super tight with his older brother, my Uncle’s best bud, because my Uncle is only 10 years older than me and more like a big brother than an uncle.

Anyway, we went out on this great date in early August. We laughed, we got along, we clicked in a lot of ways. We were on the date so long (why do I have epic dates?) that we closed the restaurant down. He was impressed that I’m an entrepreneur, and I think he was impressed that although I’m a tad younger than he is, I could hold my own. Overall, I don’t think he expected to have such a good time. We facebook messaged a little after that; a few texts about meeting up, which never happened, and then the ball was dropped. I chocked it up to the fact that there was too much pressure if anything ever did happen with us; our families are close, it would be a huge deal if anything actually happened with us, and I’m sure he realized that too and that’s why he dropped the ball.

Well, last night, I’m getting ready to go out with CB, and all of the sudden I get a facebook message from Casey, “Hey you! How’s business?”

Well, it only took you three months to respond.

I gave it a day and responded with a usual “life’s good” response. Mentioned nothing of seeing him.

But, here’s my question, what’s with the “hey you”? I, personally, find, in general, that “hey you” is very intimate, slightly sexy. It’s like “hey, I’m cornering you out to say hello and thinking just of you.” “Hey you” is way different than just “hey.” “Hey” is so friendly and personable, but when you add the “you” to it it becomes more flirtatious and sexual; am I wrong here? What do we think of the “hey you” in general? Innocuous or flirtatious or what?


Miss March Googles Away!

So, I did something last night which, surprisingly, I haven’t done yet.

I Googled some of the boy’s I’ve been seeing.

And, I gotta tell ya: the results were pretty tame. We got one boy whose college graduation list came up, along with some athletic stuff from high school; everyone’s LinkedIn (Apparently, HSBF is a stock trader, who knew?!); but the best page I found was for a guy I’m hoping to go out with again. He’s a little older than me and runs his own company. On our date he told me how proud he was of his website, but of course, I didn’t think to actually go look for it. Well, his website for his company not only has the cheesiest picture of him ever on it, but a little, miniature, version of HIM that walks onto the screen, hands in pockets, cute face et al. and tells you about his company. Mind you, I was Googling in the wee small hours of the morning, and the last thing I expected was for his voice to come booming out of my computer, so after my initial shock and falling off chair, I laughed pretty hard. Honestly, it’s a great tactic to get people to use your company; he is pretty adorable, young, and sweet sounding. It does all come through on the screen with his little walking man.

Why all the sudden Googling? Well, J and I were hanging out last night and she Googled herself and this very creepy website came up. Apparently she once commented on a pretty famous dating blog, and someone was out to get the blogger, so they literally looked up all the people who commented on the blog and got enough information about each person to be extremely unsettling; complied it all onto a website, and then commented on each person who had commented (and these were not nice, totally scary, and unjustifiable things that had no basis in reality whatsoever). It had J’s full name, her blogs, her college and year of graduation; we were a little more than freaked out. So, we worked on disabling a lot of the links and such, and we Googled our way into early morning to see what else we could find.

But, it got me thinking, “Who’s Googling me?” I Google my name often because I do a lot of things and work with children, so I like to make sure everything is clean. But, there’s always something new. Last night I Googled myself and came upon a weird site that had pulled a picture of mine from one of my websites. Great. It had my full name attached to it. I guess the lesson here is don’t put your full name anywhere on the internet. Right. But, I already do that. That was the most annoying part about J’s problem too; we watch our backs like hawks, but it’s the other colleges, people, articles that post full names and then everything comes up. Not to mention that I have a really unusual name, so it’s not like it could be someone else when it comes up on Google. I wonder if any of the men I go out with Google me before dates. They would find some fun stuff to talk about, so it’s not like I mind much, but isn’t it funny to think that someone may know your whole “internet persona” before they actually go on a date with the real you? It’s like a whole new world with this stuff and dating. Blind dates aren’t really blind anymore; they’re like blindfolded and peeking through the corners a bit. But, all in all, I guess the smart move is to Google someone before you google someone, right? Although it is presumptuous to believe everything you read, sometimes it’s smart to double check that a person actually did go to college where they said they did, or work where they say they do. Perhaps the way to a man’s heart is through what you find on Google?

Do you google yourself? How about your dates, do you Google them? Ever find anything interesting?