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Miss March: Celebrity Look-Alikes

So, I’ve been blogging for some months now and talking about all these different Boys on the Stoop and it dawned on me that, for the most part, no one knows what these boys look like. So, since it’s Saturday and I’m still trying to formulate my latest boy-thoughts into words, let’s do a little celebrity-look-alike of the Boys on the Stoop.

Stay tuned in the next couple of days for a special guest blogger!

Adam Ferrara looks pretty close to what The Admiral looks like!

So, we all know about Admiral Adama. College boyfriend, Captain America, future politician, sweetheart, and my best friend. I was watching Rescue Me the other night and actor/comedian Adam Ferrara came on the screen and looked just like the Admiral. That’s what actually “inspired” me to do this post.

This particular shot of Justin Timberlake looks like ColoradoBoy.

I thought long and hard about who CB looks like (quick review: met ColoradoBoy on Match.com, been hanging out for a few months, but he’s moving back to Colorado soon. Great guy, super funny, extremely smart.) He’s got this athletic look about him, so I’m sure there’s some football star who I’m unaware of, whom he looks like, but for now, I’m going to go with this comparison: CB looks like Justin Timberlakebut only in this picture. He doesn’t actually look like him, for the most part, in any other shot of JT. There’s something about the brow and the nose in this shot that are very reminiscent of CB. He also had a shaved head for a lot of our time together, so the head sort of looks like his.

Joaquin looks like a more happy version of MusicTeach.

Good Ol’ MusicTeach (remember him? Two-date spectacular, bike-accident, never to be heard from again?) looked exactly like Joaquin Pheonix. He had those same dark eyes, brooding look, dark hair and sort of twisted nose. He was very good looking, in that dark and mysterious way. However, when I saw him again, he didn’t look all that cute, so maybe I was just caught up in the moment? Anyway, either way, he most definitely resembled Joaquin.

Sean Palmer (Prince Eric) looks JUST like The Prep!

As for The Prep, there’s really just one image that comes to mind with him: Prince Eric. However, I wanted to give you a better depiction of him than a cartoon character; luckily, while I was researching Prince Eric, I came across the actor who plays him in the Broadway show of The Little Mermaid, Sean Palmer (also played Stanford Blatch’s boyfie in Sex and The City). Anyway, Sean Palmer resembles The Prep in a lot of ways; he has the strong nose, the dark hair, The Prep’s eyes are blue, but the face shape is very much the same. In fact, on closer inspection, they really do look very much alike.

I hope this helps bring these “characters” to life a little bit! I know I didn’t add all the men–but these are the ones I refer to most of the time (at least right now!). Who do the men in your life resemble?! Do tell!


Miss March is Label-less

Oh Em Gee: Holding Hands Despite a Breakup?!

So, I was browsing my usual gossip websites while snacking after school today and saw this. Woah. Breaking News. People are HOLDING HANDS. Stop the presses!

For some reason the “article” (Yes, readers, I am aware I am citing Us Magazine as an “article”) made me irrationally mad. Who cares what they’re doing despite that they said they broke up? Why do we need to highlight the fact that they are holding hands even though they claimed that they weren’t together any more? Why need labels? We say people are “together” or “apart” or “single” or “taken.” Why can’t we just “be us” and “be happy”?

If there’s one thing both my parents have taught me it’s that you can have a relationship with someone and don’t need to put any sort of label on it. In fact, as one of the Boys has stated, in quantum physics (oh, look at me sounding all science-y!), when you measure something (aka, a relationship) you automatically put a label on it. By measuring who you are with someone else, or what the two of you are, it’s labeling it as “something.” And when there’s a “something,” it’s going to be analyzed.

Why can’t people just “love”? What is this desire to label? Who cares if Jimmy and Sara decide to hold hands even though they aren’t engaged anymore? Maybe they still love each other or maybe they’re friends.

I’m so over labels. In general. Labels box you in; I don’t agree with fences. Why should I listen to someone else tell me that I have to be in a relationship to hold hands or can’t seriously date or fall in love with more than one person? Labels are for those who fear the un-labeled, if you get me.

So, go tear off your labels and walk around label-less; it’s super sexy. Label-less is the new black, didn’t you know?

Miss March on Her Fav Boy

Baby Brother is Home!

Baby Brother is Home!

Well, it’s August 5th today which means the number one man in my life is finally home: Baby Brother. He’s been in France for the summer and he just arrived back, voice deeper, skin smooth, and a very French gait about him. There’s nothing like being an older sister and having this Baby Brother who is taller than you; he’s a one-of-a-kind human being. Over the years he’s been introduced to many of my and J’s exes, friends, dates, etc. and with each one I know he’s been watching, keeping his eye on his big sisters, and keeping close watch over the relationships. He’s seen what’s made us smile, which boys made us cry, and who we ended up letting stick around. I hope, I think, he’s learned a lot from watching me make mistakes; I have a feeling he’s going to be a great boyfriend to some lucky lady someday. And I can’t wait to watch him build relationships and see who he’s going to let into his life. For now, I’m content to hear all about his French travels!

By the by, to clear things up: I’m not actually going to publicly slander MusicTeach’s name, but the animal-instinct in me really desires to.

In other news, I’ve decided to go to a concert this weekend and I’m sort of intent on making sure I meet the singer; it’s a small venue, with a semi-famous celebrity singer, and he’s wildly cute in that sort of dorky way. He’s 30, Jewish, and been in some things here and there. I’m going to go early, hang out at the bar, see if he’s around, and introduce myself. Have any of you ever “been” with a celebrity?

Also, I need a semi-adult, but sexy look for a date this week…any suggestions?

Miss March on The List

While browsing our bookstore tonight I came across something that made me smile. Look who made the cover of Heeb Magazine:

Jason Segal on the cover of Heeb

Jason Segal on the cover of Heeb

That’s right, it’s my boy Jason Segal! He’s my celebrity crush. He’s number one on the list of men I’d sleep with even though I was in a relationship with someone (followed by Christian Bale and Bryan Greenberg (perhaps I do have a thing for Jewish men?)). Jason seems real, normal, and really funny. Not to mention I think he’s totally adorable. He’s also 6’4, which to my 5′ would be hysterical. He’s also a huge Muppet fan, as I am, and enjoys Leonard Cohen and Willie Nelson. We’re a match made in imagination heaven.

Who’s your celeb crush/es? Who’s on your life-list of celeb sleeping partners?