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Miss March on LAFS

Happy Thanksgiving, readers!

Well, I do apologize for the lack of posts lately. Besides teaching, I’m a graphic design consultant, as well as run two businesses and just started up another venture; I’m a tad busy. And, if you couldn’t already tell I, a) have a problem saying no to people when it comes to helping with events, and b) obviously don’t like any free time on my hands.

Anyhow, ColoradoBoy is officially gone. He went back to CO for a month and isn’t really even sure if he’s coming back. Everyone keeps asking me how I’m doing with him gone, and I just laugh. Yes, we dated for four months, but it didn’t really feel like we were dating. We’re friends, first and foremost; he wasn’t ready for anything serious and God knows I’m not either, so we simply had a good time together. Do I miss him? Sure, I miss having a friend around. Do I really miss him? No. He was impossible to contact in between our times hanging out, his sister hated me, and he kept switching plans towards the end because said sister made plans which usurped our plans. I think it was really important I met him. He tried very hard to grow with me and he did learn a lot about relationships in our time together. He’s a great guy, and I think it’s cute and funny we met on Match.com–neither one of us are really online dating people (despite my past experience with it). I wish him well, and I wish him love; I do hope we stay in touch, he’s a well-meaning and good soul, just has some growing up to do.

Romeo and Juliet were said to have had LAFS.

This week I have seen and heard of two cases of “love at first sight.” Remember my Aunt’s friend K, who is like an aunt to me? She met some guy at a concert, it was totally love at first sight, and now, a month later, they are talking about spending the rest of their life together. I saw them both at T-giving yesterday and she couldn’t have been glowing any stronger, she looked gorgeous, in love, and totally over the moon. The look he was giving her was priceless. I couldn’t be happier for her! Another family member spent some time in Brazil last year and met a girl one night; well, though they only met one night, they fell for each other and have kept up a long distance relationship for about six months now. They’ll be seeing each other again soon, and there’s even marriage talk!

Okay, a part of me (the cynical part) doesn’t want to believe any of this. I mean, how can you fall in love with someone before you even know if they snore or not? Right. However, if you don’t already know, I’m a pretty spiritual person, and I really do believe that sometimes, once in a blue moon, two souls are meant to be together. I don’t think everyone will experience LAFS (love at first sight), nor should they, but some people, I believe, are really and truly meant to be together. Life can be very mysterious at times, and sometimes you don’t know the reason for things until you look at life in retrospect; perhaps you don’t realize it, but your path is leading you to your soul-mate (lover or friend). While it’s easy to be skeptical and judge, I think we have to also keep in mind that true love and LAFS does happen sometimes (and it could happen to someone you know!).

What are your thoughts on Love At First Sight?

PS. Update from T soon! (she doesn’t know it yet, but she’ll be updating us on something cool!)


Miss March Gets Laughed at by The Universe

Last night was one for the books. It’s what we, here at Miss March land, call a “movie-night”–this would only have happened to either Miss March, or a fictional character in a movie. What happened, might you ask?

Irony: Full steam ahead!

Yesterday CB and I went into the city to meet up with J, A, and a bunch of my college friends for one of my best girl’s birthday. It was great seeing everyone, and I had a fantastic time, but, because I had taught all day, by the time 10:00 came around I was beat. We bid adieu to the crowd and CB and I headed to the train station.

By this time it was almost 11:00. The next train was at 11:09. Something in the back of my head clicked and I remembered a text message from The Prep from earlier that night, “heading back to my parents house at around midnight.” That’s funny, I thought to myself, I wonder what time train HE’S taking; but I figured he was probably still out with his friends and would take the train after us. We go down to the train platform and my phone buzzes.

Text message. From The Prep: “on the 11:09 home!”

My face must have gone white because CB looked at me funny. I look up and right there, standing, waiting for the next train car (with his back, THANK GOD, turned to me) was The Prep. I grabbed CB’s hand and said, “just follow me.” We walked down about 6 train cars and he looked at me and said, “Uh, what’s going on?” I sort of did my oh-shit-I-have-to-tell-the-truth grimace and said, “Well, there’s this guy and he likes me and he’s been begging me to come see him in The City and he’s, um, on this train. Ha?” CB looked at me and started to hysterically laugh, “Why do we always see boys you date on our dates?!” He thought it was all too funny.

I, however, didn’t think it was so funny. I prayed that I didn’t run into The Prep on that train ride. Not that I’m over the moon about him, but I knew running into him, while I was with another man, would ruin all chances with him. I felt bad, for some reason. I shouldn’t have. I was really happy to be with CB, and I had made no plans to see The Prep, but I felt like he’s been begging me to see him, and here I was with someone else. “I’m too nice,” I said to CB, “I think it has something to do with watching my little brother grow up and feeling too much for men.” I explained. It’s true. I am too nice, most times, when it comes to men. I worry too much about their feelings. Ha.

Anyway, like the other CB (Carrie Bradshaw) says, “The universe may not always play fair, but at least it’s got a hell of a sense of humor.”

Any ironic stories from your Friday night?

Miss March’s Sunday Meltdown

He's going back to his native land, and I can't stop crying. Help!

CB told me last night that he’s going back to Colorado for a month. When he comes back, after that month, there’s a huge chance he’ll be joining the military and therefore, I won’t see him for a long, long, time.

I knew about the military stuff. He told me that right off that bat, when we first met. But, for some reason, as we were driving last night and he nonchalantly told me he’s staying in Colorado from Thanksgiving to New Years, I nearly burst into tears.

And now I still can’t stop crying.

I don’t get it.

The facts are these:

I think he’s great.

I adore being with him.

We have an amazing time together.

He’s smart, calm, sweet, safe, and makes me happy.

But, I also know he’s not the man of my dreams. He’s not the person I’m supposed to end up with (I just know; I knew this about Admiral Adama too). In a way, by him leaving, it’s going to free up my world a little for other men; however, I’m really happy with this friendship CB and I have. It’s nice to have someone nearby to stop over and see, and hang out with. Yesterday we went bowling and acted like kids and had the time of our lives. We’re content to sit and watch TV and laugh, or go out and people watch, or discuss politics (he’s still unsure on who he’s voting for….eeks).

On paper, I can see why I’m crying, at least a little–but, what the hell is with this wave of sadness? When I met Admiral Adama I fell (granted, I was 19) head over heels for him. I knew I loved him (in the largest capacity I could love) right after we started dating. It was just this feeling that came over me; that gut feeling where you know you love someone. But, with CB, I have none of that. Maybe I’m just sad to lose one of the nicest friends I’ve made in a long time.

But, something tells me that there’s a deeper, bigger, issue here. I mean, he told me he was leaving for a month, and I said I was sad and would miss him and he said yeah, the same. We had a great rest of the night together, but right before I was set to leave, I nearly fell apart. I cried the whole way home. It’s not like he broke up with me! It’s not even like he’s leaving tomorrow. Why am I still crying?

I lay in bed for a long time this morning thinking about the “bigger issue” here. Do I miss my grandfather? Am I scared about my future? Am I scared of being lonely with no CB house to run to? Yes to all these. But, why the tears and sobbing last night? We’ve only been “hanging out” two and a half months!

And this could be part of the issue too: I know we’re friends, but I’m not really sure how exactly he feels about me. He’s a very calm, unemotional person. I know he cares about me. He sure enjoys being with me and kissing me; but, I want to know what’s going through his head. Sometimes we get nostalgic and cutesy and say we’re “dating” and talk about our “first date,” but most of the time we just say we’re friends and hanging out. It’s confusing, perhaps?

Readers, you’ve been following me a while now, reading about my life and such, so, in your opinion, what’s with all these tears? Is it simple enough that I care about a man and he’s leaving and that sucks or is there more to it?

Miss March Runs?

Sorry for the lack of posts, friends. School officially started today and I’m off and running.

What’s been going on in my love life? Not too much. Got a text from a boy I like last night wishing me luck on my first day today. We texted for a little while, but alas, he’s not too close by…oh, and he’s taken. It’s all innocent and friendly, I just happen to have a crush on him. Another one of the Boys on the Stoop actually remembered it was my first day and texted me to see how it was today. I was actually surprised he reached out to see how I was. It was really nice to know he was thinking about me!

Also, I used the ‘r’ word with ColoradoBoy tonight.


I texted him, “We should go running!”

What was Miss March thinking?! Am I going insane? RUNNING? I don’t RUN, I WALK. He’s an active person, and while I’m active as well, he’s into hiking, rock climbing, and biking while my activity consists of running up and down the stairs at school and my treadmill. I suggested we go to the boardwalk for a run sometime soon; that wouldn’t be that bad. It’s a beautiful place to run. If one were to run. Which I don’t. At least not for periods longer than three minutes, which is a whole song and then I’m done. Again, running? Really? All this stress must be getting to me.

It was like a moment out of Scooby-Do, “Rut Ro!” I sent the message and then looked at my phone and thought, why didn’t I just say, “let’s go to the boardwalk”? Why did I have to add “run”? Luckily he’s the sweet type of guy who would just poke fun of me if I died running on the boardwalk and not actually make fun of me. There’s a difference, you know.

Come to think of it, I think I said running because I do actually want to keep active, and I knew he would never, ever get me rock climbing or mountain biking, so running was the best of the worst activities I could think of. Am I making any sense here? Maybe I’m just an activity-wimp.

Have you ever gone out on a “limb” for a guy and done something extreme that he likes to do? (Yes, I’m well aware that running is not going out on a limb or an extreme, but I’m generalizing here).

Miss March’s Wacky Saturday

Saturday was a long, busy, yet extremely fun and comedic day.

Otherwise known as “The Day Men Couldn’t Take a Hint.”

It all started with me getting back home super late from hanging with ColoradoBoy (CB) on Friday night. We were hanging out in town and talking and before we knew it it was almost dawn. Almost. He asked if I wanted to go to brunch the next morning because he wanted to see me before he went away; I said sure. He’s a sweetheart and makes me laugh. There’s something very telling in his green eyes; he makes eye contact and doesn’t look away. He’s also very smart; intellectualism (without pretension) is a huge plus for any guy that I see.

So, we went out to brunch at this adorable diner in his town and he had the most delicious looking thing ever:

Cinnamon french toast with mascarpone and fruit!

Cinnamon french toast with mascarpone and fruit!

After brunch we hung out for a while, but he had work at three. He works in electronics store, as of now, while he’s looking for a job that suits what he actually went to school for. So, I left and went out to lunch with J. No, I didn’t eat two lunches, but I got a soda and sat with her while she ate. These two baby-faced boys come into the burger place and sat down at the table next to us. They started trying to flirt with us, not paying any attention to the fact that we were trying to actually have a conversation. But, their flirting turned to nastiness when they found out that we had gone to decent colleges (aka out of state), we were much older than them (by a few years), and then one of them asked “What sort of car do you drive?” (who asks that at a burger place?!) When I told him the car, it’s my Grandmother’s car from the ’80s, he said, “OOOO You’ve got money!” And started in on that. Um, excuse me, I could be YOUR teacher, so shut it. They got nasty (to be fair, it was really only one of them speaking to us, not both) because we were trying to have a conversation amongst ourselves. It was very interesting to see that this young boy didn’t want these older women to be better than him, so when he found out that we happened to have a different lifestyle (he kept cracking jokes about the fact that we went to private school, etc.) he got very mean. Not an attractive quality in a man and I hope someone tells him that before he’s allowed to legally enter a bar and meet women, not girls.

Dropped J off at work and decided that not only did I need a new battery for my camera, but I was bored, so I went to CB’s store to get the battery…and say goodbye to him one more time. It’s funny; I don’t find myself getting attached to these boys as much as I find everything so amusing. I liked being with him; his smile makes me melt. If I’m going to get a new battery, why not go where he is? I parked where he couldn’t see me and walked right past his store to Starbucks; I know he saw me, because when I sauntered into CB’s store with my iced coffee in hand he came right up to me and grinned, “I need a new battery for my camera! Where can I get some help around here?!” He laughed and took the camera. He introduced me to his co-worker, who looks exactly like he should work at an electronics store, but was very nice. I put my bag behind the counter and played with all the new digital cameras. Not very many customers came in, so CB let me have reign of the place and try anything I wanted. To be honest, it was the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

ColoradoBoy in his store.

ColoradoBoy in his store.

I had so much fun playing around there that I stayed until he closed. Three hours later. If you had asked me on Friday what I thought I’d be doing on Saturday night, I would most certainly not have said, “Playing in an electronics store and stealing stockroom kisses for three hours.” But, like I said, I was laughing; I was having a lot of fun; I was playing with this for a long time while driving CB insane:

Princess laptop with QWERTY keyboard! This drove CB nuts...

Princess laptop with QWERTY keyboard! This drove CB nuts...

I just sat there, spelling words like “princess” and “pink” and “dance” while CB stood, smiling at me, helping customers, and drinking his iced tea. When it came time to close the store, he let me help (which was sort of fun in some weird way). As we walked out, I asked him what I should do now and he said to follow him back to his house (his sister was there, so I knew it wasn’t too dangerous) and we could hang out and eat dinner. So, we did. And, again, it was comfy, fun, giggly, and a very sweet time. In the past 24 hours I had spent 16 hours with him. WOW. Life is totally weird. He knows I’m not looking to settle down, and he seems to be okay with that; he made it clear, as well, that marriage isn’t what he’s out to look for right now. I like him. I like his smile, his eyes, his laugh. The way he makes me feel. The interesting facts he tells me. His intelligence. The way he opens the car door every time. I even like the way he drives. Oh boy.

So, I raced home after being with CB, changed into a black dress and jean jacket and met J in town after her last night of work (congrats J!). We went to the bar we’ve been going to, but didn’t see anyone there, so we strolled into this sports bar in town where we happen to know the bartender. He set us up with free drinks and I was all ready and excited to tell J about my time with CB when this MUCH older man comes over to us. He sets his beer in the middle of our drinks, puts his hands on the back of our chairs and leans into us. Greaaaaat. At first we were cordial to him, nice even; he was wasted, and looked like our dad, but we’re not mean girls. Then it just started to get out of control and annoying as hell. He had been telling us how gorgeous we are and how smart we seem and he actually had met J once from her job, so he was going on-and-on about how amazing she is. We smiled nicely. He was so drunk he couldn’t even make eye contact. Then, he started reciting the first lines of his “short story” to us. What the frak? Then, he went on-and-on about how he went to Georgetown. The guy was 55 (at least) and acted as though he thought he was 25. Uh, no. He never stopped talking about himself. I made a look at John, our bartender friend, and John came over. “You meet my girls?” He said to the guy. The guy laughed and said, “Your girls?” “Yeah! They’re my girls, I’m lucky to know them, aren’t they wonderful?” The guy slowed down a bit. Yet, he didn’t leave. He stopped talking, yet still stood there, over us. Awesome. J and I were, once again for the day, trying to have a conversation and this guy wouldn’t leave. Finally, J got up to say goodbye to some girls she knew and I was sitting there, watching the Olympics, waiting for her. The older man whispered to me, “It must be a struggle huh?” I turned to him, with my cold-stare and said, “WHAT?” “Being sisters and all, must be hard for you.” I don’t even know exactly what he was trying to say; perhaps that J was better looking and smarter? Or that we are both good looking and we’re competitive? Either way, I got up and went to say goodbye to John.

Here’s the thing, how do you deflect a drunk older man? He wasn’t wanted in that situation, he was overtly drunk, he was touching our backs, and he was being really annoying. How do you kindly get rid of him? It’s one thing if it’s a young guy and he’s hitting on you because you can always mention your boyfriend, but even when John came over and made it clear that we “belonged” to him, the guy still didn’t move. We were trying to have a nice sister night and he ruined it. That’s not fair. And yet, if we tell him to go away, he may get angry. What’s a woman supposed to do in this situation?

How do you get rid of drunk and annoying (older?) men when they don’t take a hint?! HELP! It seriously marred the night, and I’m not sure how to handle it next time.

Miss March Loves Paul Simon

It’s song lyric Saturday!

Before we get into today’s lyrics, however, let’s do a little upDate:

Went out with ColoradoBoy last night; he was very nervous and it was adorable. He has this amazing smile, so it was fun (and handsome!) when he finally calmed down and started laughing. We hung out at this bar in town for a while; when it became late, we walked to my car and he looked up at the sky and pointed out constellations (he’s a physics/astronomy person). It was really fun and romantic, but he hadn’t really been flirty when we were talking before the date, and while I did the normal hand-touching-arm flirt when I like someone, he hadn’t reciprocated any of the affection. We were standing there, looking up at the sky and he asked me my stance on kissing on the first date. I did my usual coy, hands-in-pockets, dance around it and he came and kissed me. It was extremely sweet. I asked him when he knew he wanted to kiss me and he said from the moment he saw me. He reminds me of SilverSpoon, but with less rough edges. Perhaps it’s the difference between men from Colorado and Texas. SilverSpoon had a certain game about him, there was a flirtatious push and pull; but, ColoradoBoy isn’t about games, he’s just out there, funny, sweet, and really, really silly. You don’t mess with silly. He’s going to Colorado next week for a week, so we’ll see how much we keep in touch, but it’s really nice to know there’s someone out there that isn’t pushy or plays games, they just like to laugh. You’d be surprised, but the more I date, the more it seems that those men are few and far between.

Anyway, today’s song lyrics are actually a lyric from one of my favorite songs, Paul Simon‘s Train In the Distance; the whole song is a love story about a man and woman, from the time he catches sight of her, to when they get together, to the demise of their love. The lyric I chose from this song is actually one of my favorite song lyrics ever,

“Two disappointed believers/Two people playing the game/Negotiations and love songs/Are often mistaken for one and the same.”

I mean, how much more beautiful and clear could he have said it? Negotiations and love songs ARE very often mistaken for one and the same. I’ve found myself in past relationships thinking this very question, is this a negotiation I’m making or am I doing this out of love? And, Paul is right, it is a game, life is a game, love is a game, but it depends on who the players are that either make the game exciting and fun, or loathsome and scary.

Did you go on any dates last night? What’s the song lyric that often resonates in your head?