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Miss March Says “Hey You”?

We call him Casey because he's the younger brother and looks somewhat like junior Mr. Affleck!

So, I can’t remember if we ever discussed Casey or not, but suddenly, he’s reemerged. Casey, named for Ben Affleck’s little brother, is the younger brother of my Uncle’s best friend. Casey is 29, has a great job, an interesting life, and was set up by my Uncle to go out with me on a “pity date” (which wasn’t really a pity date at all) in August this past summer. The funny thing about Casey is that our lives have had the same trajectory; we went to the same middle school, same high school, and lived in the same town our whole lives, but never met. I’m super tight with his older brother, my Uncle’s best bud, because my Uncle is only 10 years older than me and more like a big brother than an uncle.

Anyway, we went out on this great date in early August. We laughed, we got along, we clicked in a lot of ways. We were on the date so long (why do I have epic dates?) that we closed the restaurant down. He was impressed that I’m an entrepreneur, and I think he was impressed that although I’m a tad younger than he is, I could hold my own. Overall, I don’t think he expected to have such a good time. We facebook messaged a little after that; a few texts about meeting up, which never happened, and then the ball was dropped. I chocked it up to the fact that there was too much pressure if anything ever did happen with us; our families are close, it would be a huge deal if anything actually happened with us, and I’m sure he realized that too and that’s why he dropped the ball.

Well, last night, I’m getting ready to go out with CB, and all of the sudden I get a facebook message from Casey, “Hey you! How’s business?”

Well, it only took you three months to respond.

I gave it a day and responded with a usual “life’s good” response. Mentioned nothing of seeing him.

But, here’s my question, what’s with the “hey you”? I, personally, find, in general, that “hey you” is very intimate, slightly sexy. It’s like “hey, I’m cornering you out to say hello and thinking just of you.” “Hey you” is way different than just “hey.” “Hey” is so friendly and personable, but when you add the “you” to it it becomes more flirtatious and sexual; am I wrong here? What do we think of the “hey you” in general? Innocuous or flirtatious or what?


Miss March Is Drained!

Today was one of those days.

Ed and Heba are staying strong together, even while they are living apart!

I sobbed during The Biggest Loser. I mean, this isn’t totally unusual for me; I usually cry while watching The Biggest Loser because I’m so moved by the weight loss stories, but this time it was a little different. See, this season it’s Biggest Loser Families, so some of the couples are husbands and wives. Tonight the first husband, Ed, was kicked off and while he was leaving, his wife, Heba, (they are newlyweds) was sobbing, like heaving, can’t catch your breath sobbing. It totally made me sob. BB looked at me from across the room and gave me a “for serious?” look. Yes, for serious. Heba was talking about how much she was going to miss him in bed (sidenote: do you think that the couples have sexual relations while on the show? I hope so, it’s a lot of calories burned!), and Ed gave this beautiful speech about how she’s the light of his life….I’m such a sucker for using terms like “light” or “sunshine” while speaking romantically.

Remember when I was so stressed this summer that my eye twitched? Today’s stress level was on par with that. Everything was just crazy, moving at double or triple speed. I haven’t been sleeping enough, anyway, and today I found out that in two weeks Miss March has a conference to attend to…a two-night conference. However, I’m going with another teacher, so it’s going to be quite the Lucy and Ethel adventure (and let’s hope, for Miss March’s sake, that there’s some cute male teachers there!).

Tonight was one of those nights that I really wished I had a prince charming who would knock on the door with Chinese, tasti, and movies. It’s not that I was lonely, I just had a really long day and I would have loved for one of these men in my life to be like “hey, that girl had a long day, let me pamper her!” (I know, I’m out of my mind). It was one of those days where I felt totally drained from life and I just wanted someone to come along and help lift my spirits. You ever have those days? I did use my passive aggressiveness and changed my Facebook status to “Miss March decided this is what she wants: someone to bring her tasti with peanuts on top and watch her netflix with her. yup.” The Prep texted me and said, “I’d love to bring u tasti with peanuts on top and watch netflix.” I have to admit, as much as my feelings for him are sort of whatever, it was so nice to get that text and know that someone was thinking about what I may want.

Am I insane (or have I watched too many Rom-Coms?) to think that someday a man will go out of his way to make my day better?

Miss March on Books

Preppy boys always have that other side...

So, one of my teacher friends set/is setting me up with a family member of hers. We’ll call him The Prep. Prep is 23, from a wealthy area, went to a Liberal Arts school and now works for a financial firm. He’s extremely good looking, and from what I can tell, he’s some piece of work. He friended me on Facebook, and within minutes of my accepting his friendship, he sent me an instant message. We’ve been talking online, texting, and talked on the phone a few times in the past few days. It’s a lot of fun. He’s smart, funny, and I do enjoy talking to him. However, at times his Preppy boy-Lacrosse playing-Collar popped personality comes out and he says things in which I have to shake my head and laugh at him. For example, I was browsing his Facebook profile tonight and saw that one of his favorite books was this one. I laughed out loud when I read the title and asked him about it; he said, “it’s a real book! check it out on amazon” which of course, as you can probably guess, Miss March did immediately.

The real title of the book is, She Comes First: The Thinking Man’s Guide to Pleasuring a Woman.” He claims that he keeps it on his bedside table and it’s “actually a really good read” and that he “learned a lot from it!”

I’m not going to write him off because of this. People read interesting books. I mean, my bedside table is a plethora of odd books (including this one, which I highly recommend! And it’s on sale!)

The conversation that followed was the one that made me a bit confused. Obviously, because we were talking about the book, the topic of sex came up. Mind you, my friends, Prep and I have never met in person. We barely talked on the phone. We have yet to have a first date. Thus, what followed was what I considered a weird and slightly inappropriate conversation. One for the books, actually.

In the next few minutes he told me when he last had sex; who he last had sex with; what the book taught him about going down on a girl; why he needs to be relaxed to enjoy sex, and etc.

I’m sure he was just bored and felt like being inappropriate and slightly dirty, so he brought up sex. However, it’s not like I was discussing it back with him. My reactions were along the lines of “uh huh,” “right,” and “i see.” He just kept going; as my English teacher used to say, lots of “verbal diarrhea.”

What’s with these men? Why do they think it’s okay to talk like this before we even know each other? This is one of the problems with dating in this day and age; you form this online relationship with someone and you’re brazen, out there, and cool. Then, you actually meet in person and it’s awkward, too real, and you feel odd. You both know you said stupid-sexual things over the internet, but in the harsh light of the real world, you’re just two human beings, slowly sipping drinks, while wondering how they perceive you and whether they think you’re beautiful/handsome/sexy or not.

Have you ever had a man you’re supposed to meet say something odd to you online?