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Miss March Believes in Signs?

I think I’m through with Match.com.

I clicked my “who viewed you” button and saw that someone from my high school had viewed me. Awkward.

I’m taking this as a sign. I’m through with the online dating thing for a while. It was awesome this summer, and I met so many interesting men, but it takes a certain amount of effort and dedication that I just don’t have right now.

In other news; you ever have times when you see certain names pop-up in your life over and over again?

His name was on a gameshow tonight. Weird.

One of the Boys on the Stoop‘s last name keeps coming into my life. It’s not an unusual name, but he’s only the second person in my life that I know with that last name. I’ve been seeing it everywhere: on my textbooks, in movies, and then, while I was working out and watching TV tonight, it was an answer on a game show. I don’t really know what it means, except that perhaps I’m too superstitious or the name is more common than I once thought? I’m not kidding when I say that I see it somewhere new every day…or, perhaps I’m just noticing it more now because of him? Did this ever happen to you?

Any new signs in your life lately?


Miss March on Our Song

“And you can tell everybody this is your song, it may be quite simple but now that it’s done…”- Elton John

Let’s talk music. Songs, specifically. More specifically, owning a song.

Yesterday I saw that HSBF changed his music preference on Facebook. I was bored, so I clicked on it to see what he changed it to. He had one song lyric written in his musical preferences, “One Boy, One Girl.” And he had it “dedicated” to his “Everything” (the current girlfriend; let’s not even delve into calling someone your “everything” today…). Yeah, that’s sweet and all, but excuse me…that was OUR song. Yes, we were sixteen, and yes a Jewish boy deemed a Christian country song as “ours” and yes, the song is horrific, but he REUSED a song for another girl (I had deemed our song to be You Are the Sunshine Of My Life by Stevie Wonder.) Does his current girlfriend know that he reused the song on her? My guess is going to be no. It’s sort of lame though, when you think about it. A “song” is supposed to represent two people and their love for each other and he’s reusing a song from one relationship to the next; not that our relationship was so deep or mature, but the song represented something he chose just for me, in that time in our lives.

Admiral Adama and I had a song, You Make Me Feel So Young which is ironic, because we were young when we met; but, we also brought out the really goofy, childish side, in each other, so I guess that’s why it sort of “represented us.” I mean, after three years together, we had a lot of songs, but that one was the one that I’ll always associate with him specifically.

MusicTeach gave us a song too, For Once In My Life. Maybe this is my problem: I’m letting the men pick the songs that represent us. Maybe I should start picking the music that will be the soundtrack to our relationship. Background music, in a movie, is such an important part of the whole story, almost like another character dictating the theme of the movie; I should be picking the background music, theme music, etc. Not the men, but me. I know what I want, so I should be making the playlist to my life, not letting men give me songs only to have them marred and forever scared when the relationship ends.

What songs have you “owned” with men you’ve been with? Have you ever had a guy write a song for you?

Miss March on The Last Five Years

A few summers ago, three precisely, I was visiting Adama and I was bored. I had started talking to this girl from my school, T, online, while Adama was at work, and we soon became fast friends. Talking to T got me through the long nights that I couldn’t sleep, or the early morning’s watching Adama fumble around trying to get ready for work. T told me I should check out this musical, The Last Five Years, because not only was the music amazing, but the play is done in an unusual way. See, it’s a music about real-life-love; the meeting, the falling in love, the time thinking about each other, marriage contemplation, marriage itself, and the dissolution of that bond. The play is told from two different perspectives: hers and his. However, her perspective tells the story from the end of the relationship to the beginning, while his goes from the beginning to the end. During the play, they only ever interact at one scene/song: the wedding. The music is fantastic; I’ve never actually seen a production of it. But, I knew that T and I were going to be life long friends because as soon as she told me to buy the CD, I did, and I knew she not only got my taste in music, but my view on life.

The other day by the pool, I turned to my very young uncle and said, “Can you believe how much your life has changed in the last five years? Marriage, two kids, a house, a job?” He laughed and rolled his eyes. But, it got me thinking about the last five years of my life and what I expect the next five years to be like. When you sit down to think about it, five years ago feels like forever ago.

Five years ago Miss March was getting ready to go away to college. It was a sumer of freedom. I had spent the first half of the summer hanging out a lot with my Dawson. We spent half the week together, hanging out at his house, watching television, eating dinner, shopping; ever since he had been my prom date, I could tell our feelings for each other had changed from platonic to something more. We held hands that summer, talked a lot about kissing, but never actually kissed. We went away to his beach house for the 4th of July and were totally and completely coupley; he was affectionate, sweet, and seemed like he really dug me. That is until we were walking through his beachside town and he decided we were too much like brother and sister and he didn’t actually want to go through with it. I was mad, but I got over it. We’re still Dawson and Joey.

I came home from that debacle and ended up “dating” (I saw him three times over the course of our “relationship”) my friend Cookie’s boyfriend’s wrestling friend. Yes, Miss March dated a wrestler. He was short, but sort of cute. His eyes were on opposite sides of his head, making it hard to look at him face to face. We hung out in the city a few times, kissed here and there, but in the end, he decided he didn’t like me based on my religion. A real winner.

The next five years of my life seemed to speed by: my grandfather died, I went to college, I fell in love, I maintained a relationship, I became a leader on campus, I graduated, we broke up, I got a job, and now here I am. All like that. In one sentence I just summed up the last five years of my life.

The next five years of my life are, obviously, a mystery. I have some idea of where I want to be; but it seems that my life often has a mind of its own and takes these weird curves that throw me until I understand them.

Can you sum up your Last Five Years in one sentence? Where do you see yourself in five years?