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Miss March on Modern Nature

Happy November, everyone!

First of all, thank you for the great cheap date suggestions. However CB’s been acting a little odd lately, so we’ll see how many of these get done before he’s off West. Who knows!

Before I start in on Song Lyric Saturday I wanted to share a phenomonen that made me laugh. Ever since I started dating at sixteen years old, whenever I had a steady boyfriend, my mother would refer to him as my “friend.” Even with the Admiral, who I dated for close to four years, she would introduce him or refer to him as “Miss March’s friend.” I didn’t mind it because I knew it was just her (and my grandma’s) style. However, when I started “dating” CB, I made it very clear to my mother that we weren’t “together”–we were friends, and he was not my boyfriend. Cut to the other night, my mother was at the doctor with me and said something to the doctor about my “boyfriend.” I whipped my head around to my mom and shook my head. “Uh, he’s not–” Mommy just cut me off and kept on talking. I laughed inside my head. Of course she would refer to the guy I made it clear was most certainly not my boyfriend AS my boyfriend. This only got awkward when I mentioned going on dates and the doctor said, “A little birdy told me that you have a boyfriend! How does he feel about you dating?” Um, he feels fine because HE’S. NOT. MY. BOYFRIEND. I know exactly why my mother does this, too. When there is a guy I’m serious about, she doesn’t want to add to the seriousness of it and inadvertenly push me into getting more serious with him because she refers to him as my boyfriend. However, when there’s a guy she knows I’m no where close to being serious about, she feels it’s safe to refer to him as my boyfriend because it’s not going to sway me into becoming more serious with him. It’s a very confusing theory. Do your mothers do anything like this?

Sondre Lerche is super adorable, no?

Today’s song lyrics come from the Dan In Real Life soundtrack. The whole soundtrack is original songs by Sondre Lerche and many of them are duets with amazing women singers, like Regina Spektor. Not only do I love the movie Dan In Real Life, but I adore Sondre Lerche. Fun fact: years ago J and I went to see Jason Mraz and Sondre opened for him. He’s very, very cute in person. These lyrics are to the song, “Modern Nature.” I love this song because of this one line, “We’ll just have to wait and see, if things go right, we’re meant to be.” I feel like I adhere to this belief a lot of the time; everyone is searching aimless for their “soulmate” but you may not know someone is your soulmate until you live a life with them and look back and realize, hey that worked, we must be meant to be!

Modern Nature

The moment has come to face the truth
I’m wide awake and so are you
Do you have a clue what this is (I don’t know)
Are you everything that I’ve missed? (I don’t hope so)
We’ll just have to wait and see (wait and see)
If things go right, we’re meant to be

The surface is gone. I scratched it off
We made some plans. I let them go
Do you have the slightest idea (No I don’t)
Why the world is bright when you’re near
Stay awhile and wait and see (wait and see)
If things go right, we’re meant to be

Oh, what a world this life would be
Forget all your technicolour dreams
Forget modern nature
this is how it’s meant to be

The time is here for being straight
It’s not too early and never too late
People say I should watch my pace (What do they know?)
“Think how you spend all your days” (They all say so)
They’ll just have to wait and see (Wait and see)
If things go right they’ll have to agree

Happy Saturday, everyone. Anyone got any good plans?


Miss March: Song Lyric Saturday (Train of thought)

I haven’t done a Song Lyric Saturday in many weeks, so when I was on the train yesterday and this song came up on shuffle and I teared up, I knew I had to share it.

The amazing Rosie Thomas; I have to love a woman in cowgirl boots!

The song is October by Rosie Thomas (from her album “When We Were Small“). Rosie is one of those up and coming lyricists who you know will bust out on the scene and everyone will somehow act as if she’s always been there (her lyrics are almost on par, I think, with the greats: Carole, Carly, Joni, etc). She doesn’t always write about romantic love, which I think is the mark of a great song writer. Her song Wedding Day is this amazing love song to her life and friends about traveling and throwing caution to the wind. Loose Ends is about a woman finding herself and mending herself, just like a torn sweater. 2 Dollar Shoes is another one of her truly sweet love songs; makes you want to be in love. Her cover of Let It Be Me is truly beautiful, as well. She’s someone you’re going to want on your iPod.

However, as you read the lyrics to October, you will see why I found myself putting on my sunglasses and forgetting where I was for a few minutes on the train yesterday. It’s one of the most romantic/not-romantic songs I’ve ever heard; further, not only are the lyrics semi-haunting, but the music is gorgeous.

Be on the look out for this one, Rosie Thomas is sure to be mainstream soon and you want to say you listened to her way back when!


make her a flower in late december
when the sun is hot and shining on her
write her a love song and play it all day long
to remind her of all that she is worth

never never leave her

take her on long drives for ice cream by sea sides
and give her your coat when she is cold
tell her you miss her when you’re close enough to kiss her
and that you’d walk a thousand miles to tell her so

but never never leave her

take photographs of her on Brooklyn street in October
when her nervous smile is slightly curved
somedays when she is slightly down tell her it’s okay to frown
it makes you just fall more in love with her

but never never leave her.

What love song makes you tear up?

Miss March is Stressed…?

So, apparently I’m stressed out. Or so says my body. For about a week and a half now I’ve been getting this slight eyelid twitch every now and then on my right eye; I looked it up and it seems that indeed, it is caused by stress. Awesome. I’m also breaking out. Great. Also, couldn’t sleep for the life of me last night. That was the final kicker and I realized, at five in the morning, perhaps this could be stress related? Yeah. Fun.

I didn’t even know I was stressed out. I mean, logically, it makes sense, there’s a lot of things going on in my life (and a lot went on this summer) and I’m not one who deals with change all too easily. But, this may be the first time in my life that my stress is showing itself in physical form.

If you don’t realize you’re stressed, than it’s a little hard to properly take care of yourself to assuage that stress. School starts in two weeks, so I’m going to take it easy, no dates (for the most part–seeing ColoradoBoy tonight, but he makes me laugh, and laughing de-stresses!), no fretting, no nothing; just preparing for school, focusing on the important things, spending time with J, and enjoying the last days of summer.

Van Morrison sings, ” These are the days of the endless summer/These are the days, the time is now/There is no past, theres only future/Theres only here, theres only now…” And I think I need to start living to those lyrics. I’m putting the past behind me, I’m focusing on the amazing future ahead and living in the moment. I’m not really someone who lives “in the moment,” I live in the “what’s going to happen, why is it going to happen, when is it going to happen…” sort of mentality.

If there’s one thing that this summer taught me it’s that life is totally wacky. One week your life is going along like always, and the next week, you’re single, dating, meeting new people, and having the time of your life. I’ve met a lot of…interesting…people this summer, spent more time outside than imaginable, saw a meteor shower, got my hair cut, and enjoyed myself, no strings attached. Can you be NSA with yourself? I think I was this summer. It was a summer of no regrets, not overthinking (I tried!), and smiling more than frowning.

The song, for me, which best describes this summer is (Getting Some) Fun Out of Life sung by Madeline Peyroux; it’s about throwing caution to the wind and just simply living.

What song best describes your summer? How do YOU de-stress?!

Miss March: Song Lyric Saturday

Happy Saturday, all.

I’ve decided that Saturdays, since we’re all out and about, will be kept short with some of my favorite song lyrics about love/women/romance/etc. Just a quick summery of last night: went to a bar in town with J and ran into literally everyone I know. Including my first kiss. I’m not sure if he ever knew he was MY first kiss, but there he was, scruff and all. He hasn’t grown, he still has that glazed over look in his eyes, and he never went to college. But, he came over like a gentleman and gave me a big hug and kiss. It was pretty damn funny. J also ran into her first boyfriend, who I think is a sweetheart; one of those boys who are totally safe, but totally not safe at the same time. Anyway, we stayed out late meandering around watching and talking to people. It was like a scene from a movie, and I can’t wait to do it again. Have you ever run into your first kiss?

Today’s favorite lyrics of mine are to the song Love Me Like a Man by Bonnie Raitt. I adore Bonnie Raitt; her lyrics are powerful, wise, and sultry all at the same time. The song is her asking to be “loved like a man” so that she can be put before the man himself, because all men ever think about are themselves.

Love Me Like a Man

I heart Bonnie Raitt!

I heart Bonnie Raitt!

The men that I’ve been seeing, baby
Got their soul up on a shelf
You know they could never love me
When they can’t even love themselves
But I need someone to love me
Someone to really understand
Who won’t put himself above me
Who’ll just love me like a man
I never seen such losers darlin’
even though I try
To find a mind who can take me home
’stead of taking me for a ride
And I need someone to love me
I know you can
Believe me when I tell you
You can love me like a man
Oh they want me to rock them
Like my back ain’t got no bone
I want a man to rock me
Like my… backbone was his own
Baby, I know you can
Believe me when I tell you
You can love me like a man
I come home sad and lonely
Feel like I wanna cry
I need someone to hold me
Not some fool to ask me why
And I need someone to love me
Darlin’ I know you can
Don’t you put yourself above me
You just love me like a man

Have a great day, everyone!

Miss March on New Music

Today’s a busy day. Family party, date, family party. I’ve decided to go very casual with the outfit for tonight’s date. Perhaps halter top and jean shorts. Also, I got Coheed a little rubber duck with devil ears and evil eyes. I know it sounds silly, but it reminds me of him. It’s one of the reasons I like him so much; he’s an adult, but still a kid at heart.

Anyway, I’ll keep today’s post short, but I wanted to let everyone know about this amazing new band that my friend, A, introduced me to. She’s always listening to cool indie music and when she tells me to listen to someone new, I often relent and become obsessed with the band. She knows my music taste well. Today’s band is She&Him (the lead singer is Zooey Deschanel and she’s totally my girl music crush (along with Jenny Lewis!)) The music is like mo-town mixed with 60’s pop-jazz and Hawaiian styles. It’s pretty damn amazing, and I’m not easily impressed by music. Her lyrics are what get me though. Some songs are covers (I adore their cover of “You Really Got a Hold on Me”) but her lyrics are almost haunting. I think music, like friends, comes into your life at different times when you need it most.

Check out the lyrics to Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? They’re simple, really as simple as you could get, but oh so poignant.

Why do let me stay here?
All by myself
Why don’t you come and play here?
I’m just sitting on the shelf
Why don’t you sit right down and stay awhile?
We like the same things and I like your style
Its not a secret; why do you keep it?
I’m just sitting on the shelf
I got to get your presence
Let’s make it known
I think you’re just so pleasant
I would like you for my own
Why don’t you sit right down and make me smile?
You make me feel like I am just a child
Why do you end it?
Just give me credit
I’m just sitting on the shelf

The music is amazing, I have literally been listening to it on repeat for hours. I highly suggest their album, Volume One. If you do something nice for yourself this weekend, make it be to buy this music! Thank you to my amazing A for suggesting this music! Have a fantastic weekend everyone! Happy Saturday!

What are you doing this weekend? Any music suggestions?

PS. Thank you for all the awesome comments!