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Miss March: Celebrity Look-Alikes

So, I’ve been blogging for some months now and talking about all these different Boys on the Stoop and it dawned on me that, for the most part, no one knows what these boys look like. So, since it’s Saturday and I’m still trying to formulate my latest boy-thoughts into words, let’s do a little celebrity-look-alike of the Boys on the Stoop.

Stay tuned in the next couple of days for a special guest blogger!

Adam Ferrara looks pretty close to what The Admiral looks like!

So, we all know about Admiral Adama. College boyfriend, Captain America, future politician, sweetheart, and my best friend. I was watching Rescue Me the other night and actor/comedian Adam Ferrara came on the screen and looked just like the Admiral. That’s what actually “inspired” me to do this post.

This particular shot of Justin Timberlake looks like ColoradoBoy.

I thought long and hard about who CB looks like (quick review: met ColoradoBoy on Match.com, been hanging out for a few months, but he’s moving back to Colorado soon. Great guy, super funny, extremely smart.) He’s got this athletic look about him, so I’m sure there’s some football star who I’m unaware of, whom he looks like, but for now, I’m going to go with this comparison: CB looks like Justin Timberlakebut only in this picture. He doesn’t actually look like him, for the most part, in any other shot of JT. There’s something about the brow and the nose in this shot that are very reminiscent of CB. He also had a shaved head for a lot of our time together, so the head sort of looks like his.

Joaquin looks like a more happy version of MusicTeach.

Good Ol’ MusicTeach (remember him? Two-date spectacular, bike-accident, never to be heard from again?) looked exactly like Joaquin Pheonix. He had those same dark eyes, brooding look, dark hair and sort of twisted nose. He was very good looking, in that dark and mysterious way. However, when I saw him again, he didn’t look all that cute, so maybe I was just caught up in the moment? Anyway, either way, he most definitely resembled Joaquin.

Sean Palmer (Prince Eric) looks JUST like The Prep!

As for The Prep, there’s really just one image that comes to mind with him: Prince Eric. However, I wanted to give you a better depiction of him than a cartoon character; luckily, while I was researching Prince Eric, I came across the actor who plays him in the Broadway show of The Little Mermaid, Sean Palmer (also played Stanford Blatch’s boyfie in Sex and The City). Anyway, Sean Palmer resembles The Prep in a lot of ways; he has the strong nose, the dark hair, The Prep’s eyes are blue, but the face shape is very much the same. In fact, on closer inspection, they really do look very much alike.

I hope this helps bring these “characters” to life a little bit! I know I didn’t add all the men–but these are the ones I refer to most of the time (at least right now!). Who do the men in your life resemble?! Do tell!


Miss March Gets Laughed at by The Universe

Last night was one for the books. It’s what we, here at Miss March land, call a “movie-night”–this would only have happened to either Miss March, or a fictional character in a movie. What happened, might you ask?

Irony: Full steam ahead!

Yesterday CB and I went into the city to meet up with J, A, and a bunch of my college friends for one of my best girl’s birthday. It was great seeing everyone, and I had a fantastic time, but, because I had taught all day, by the time 10:00 came around I was beat. We bid adieu to the crowd and CB and I headed to the train station.

By this time it was almost 11:00. The next train was at 11:09. Something in the back of my head clicked and I remembered a text message from The Prep from earlier that night, “heading back to my parents house at around midnight.” That’s funny, I thought to myself, I wonder what time train HE’S taking; but I figured he was probably still out with his friends and would take the train after us. We go down to the train platform and my phone buzzes.

Text message. From The Prep: “on the 11:09 home!”

My face must have gone white because CB looked at me funny. I look up and right there, standing, waiting for the next train car (with his back, THANK GOD, turned to me) was The Prep. I grabbed CB’s hand and said, “just follow me.” We walked down about 6 train cars and he looked at me and said, “Uh, what’s going on?” I sort of did my oh-shit-I-have-to-tell-the-truth grimace and said, “Well, there’s this guy and he likes me and he’s been begging me to come see him in The City and he’s, um, on this train. Ha?” CB looked at me and started to hysterically laugh, “Why do we always see boys you date on our dates?!” He thought it was all too funny.

I, however, didn’t think it was so funny. I prayed that I didn’t run into The Prep on that train ride. Not that I’m over the moon about him, but I knew running into him, while I was with another man, would ruin all chances with him. I felt bad, for some reason. I shouldn’t have. I was really happy to be with CB, and I had made no plans to see The Prep, but I felt like he’s been begging me to see him, and here I was with someone else. “I’m too nice,” I said to CB, “I think it has something to do with watching my little brother grow up and feeling too much for men.” I explained. It’s true. I am too nice, most times, when it comes to men. I worry too much about their feelings. Ha.

Anyway, like the other CB (Carrie Bradshaw) says, “The universe may not always play fair, but at least it’s got a hell of a sense of humor.”

Any ironic stories from your Friday night?

Miss March Doesn’t We

Because of my experience with MusicTeach, I’ve become very aware of the word “we.” “We” is an interesting word because not only does it imply “us” but I think “we” can be somewhat belittling, if used in the wrong way. For example, there’s what they call the “beside we” which doctor’s use, “how are WE feeling today?” They’re not the ones feeling anything bad, but they say “we” to make you feel like you’re not alone. When used as “we don’t think that’s a good idea/he’s the one for you/that’s the best plan of action” I think that “we” can be very belittling. It’s making someone be included in your negation that doesn’t want to be there. When used like I just said, “we” is also a total defensive mechanism for the person saying the “we”; they don’t want to take the “I” blame for whatever they are trying to say, so they include someone else in their plans so that you can’t just blame them for their statement, but have to either let it go, or make a bigger deal out of it and blame the “we” people.

So, I’ve taken “we” out of my vocabulary. I don’t want to be the one who we’s someone else, so I’ve stopped saying it. I have a tendancy to get overly-excited at the beginning of meeting someone and dropping the W-word a lot, so I decided, it’s in my and my future relationships best interest to choose other words to say instead of we. I’ve been saying “let’s,” which I know sounds like we, but I feel like isn’t as serious. Or I’ve been rearranging my sentences in order to come across as not sounding we-like but more just interested in doing something fun.

And know what? I really like the way this is working out so far. Because I have to stop and think and rearrange my thoughts in order to not use “we” I’ve been watching what I’ve been saying more, not talking as fast, using my brain more (and that fluttery, ohmygod! feeling less) when discussing plans with a guy.

“We” can be a good feeling when you’re getting married, or on a rollercoaster (weeeee!), but we isn’t a good feeling when you throw it out there and get no response. I’ve come to realize it’s best to just not use it, unless you’re in dire need of saying “We need to get out of here!” or some such. “We” is one of those heavy words, like “my” or “our.” Who knew that a simple pronoun could carry such drastic weight?

What else have you said in replace of saying “we” to a guy?

Miss March on Public Slander (?)

I was talking to J last night about the whole whirlwind with MusicTeach; it really messed me up, and it’s a shame. I was in a great relationship, full of complete trust and love, for four years, and then this MusicTeach comes along and makes me feel like an idiot. How is that fair? It’s not. Which is why today we’re going to talk about the desire to publicly slander someone after they hurt you. While, I am a total proponent of the golden rule and karma (I like to say reciprocity is my religion), I have this animal-desire to hurt who ever hurts me or my loved ones. Doesn’t everyone? I mean, take the whole thing with MusicTeach; he played with my head and emotions, he led me on, he wooed me, and then he cut out. Just like that. I could feel it was happening at the time too; there was a shift in the air, and I knew it was over. I knew it was nothing I did, logically, intrinsically, but man, did it hurt. It still hurts. And, it’s so ironic. I had an amazing relationship with Adama, full of complete trust and loyalty; I never once doubted us or him. And now, because I messed around with MusicTeach and he never called back (for the most part), I have this fear that any boy/man I kiss from now on won’t ever call me back. It’s not only not fair to me, but it’s not fair to whoever I date. Someone didn’t text me back this weekend for a few hours and I freaked out; if you haven’t guessed already, that’s not my normal behavior. It wasn’t right of MusicTeach to play the game he played, and that’s why I’d love to publicly slander his name in the romance world.

And I could. If I wanted to and had the guts to. I could easily put his picture and name on Don’t Date Him Girl; I was checking it out last night, for fun, and I couldn’t believe that women post full names and pictures of these men. I mean, it’s one thing if a guy seriously played you (or worse), but I wouldn’t even think to use that website as my first method of anger. I have to say, I did search exes names on there; nothing came up. But, how easy would it be to put his full name, picture (thanks Facebook!), and a little “This guy fooled around with me, and then cut all ties! He we-ed me!” I know it’s anonymous, but I’d still be afraid he would find it and come after me. Apparently I didn’t really know this guy at all so who knows what he’s capable of.

Samantha Jones got retaliation!

Samantha Jones got retaliation!

But, suffice it to say, I like the message behind Don’t Date Him Girl; it’s bringing women together to talk about the people that hurt them, and sometimes that’s the best way to get over someone, to talk about it to others. And, thats what I want, I want closure. I want to know what was going through his head when he didn’t call, or stopped flirting, or barely kissed me goodnight after he spent the afternoon laughing with his head in my lap. I mean, what happened, really? He could have been another entry on Don’t Date Him Girl’s opposite website, Great Boyfriends, but he seemed to miss that mark, by a long shot.

Isn’t it tempting though, to think about publicly slandering a man’s romantic reputation and name? Isn’t it tempting to scream from rooftops, “Don’t ever trust him!”? I think it is. I said so many nice and flattering things to MusicTeach and now he’s going around thinking he’s this great guy; I want to take everything I said back. One of my favorite images of public slander is from the Sex and the City episode Anchor’s Away; Samantha was cheated on by Richard and so she makes up flyers with his name and picture on them and distributes them in his area of the City. The Policewoman tries to stop her, but when she finds out what Sam’s doing, she lets her go ahead. It’s great. These men don’t deserve to walk around thinking they are all that and more; and that’s what bothers me. He was disrespectful to me and my feelings, and all the while he gets to get out of the situation thinking he’s some superstar. Not on my time, mister.

Have you ever wanted to publicly slander a man’s name? Have you actually done it? Anyone post on Don’t Date Him Girl?