The Who’s Who

In case you’re confused, or late to the game, or simply want to see Who’s still in the game, check back here for a cast of recurring characters, players, and supporting actors.

These are the people in my neighborhood.

J.: Younger sister; she likes wearing sequined dresses, James Franco, and rainbow cakes. A lot.

A: Long time college friend; A enjoys cheese platters, white wine, and good company.

T: Other best girl from college; T loves long walks on the beach, trivia at bars, and reading sociology books.

BB: Baby brother, yet taller than me. Very wise, very sarcastic, very witty.

These are the boys on the stoop.

Admiral Adama: Ex-boyfriend; spent college years together. Future politician. Sweetest boy around.

MusicTeach: Met on jdate; music teacher; went on two perfect dates (after spending the whole night talking on the phone); he got into some “sporting accident” and couldn’t see me for a while; talked one more time and he had nothing to say; never called or messaged again. Definitely “we-ed” me and was a one-upper.

Coheed: Old friend; when he comes into town we go out on dates; sweetheart; we talk almost every day. TAKEN.

The Prep: Set-up by a friend of mine; very sweet boy; went out on one date so far. Just hard to see him cause he’s a City Mouse!

HSBF: High School Boyfriend; professional tennis player; haven’t seen him in years.

SilverSpoon: Met on; Southern boy moved North; we went on one date and did talk a lot, but he works for a music producer and never had much time to hang out. He’s very nice, but occasionally came on way too strong.

MedBoy: My first date after Admiral Adama; met on; went out on the most comical date of my life where he showed me his stomach muscles in the middle of the date; became nasty on IM; stopped talking to him.

ColoradoBoy: Met on; I was intrigued by his funny profile and winning smile; is a physicist; very funny, very smart, good sense of humor.


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